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Re: Alert! Ron Paul on War, Peace & the News Media

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    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 27, 2007
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      Posted by: "Jessie Martin" ladyraine3@...
        I am a stay-at-home caregiver, so we don't have a lot of money either. Rather than get depressed about what I CAN'T contribute, I'd like to offer what I can: extensive internet and phone skills.>>
      That's Awesome!
        Every little bit helps and we need lots of bits.
       The Sunday meeting was mixed.
       We had a good turnout.
       We had reps from Polk, Orange and Seminole LP show up. The regional Rep for Osceola showed up and of course RLC Central was represented by yours truly.
       I was surprised that support for Ron Paul was not a slam dunk in the LP. Apparently that little R behind the name is too much for some of the purists. Let us work on converting them.
       I was able to forge an alliance with the LP members who do support Ron Paul.
       So we have a van, a few willing activists, a phone caller and a computer/email person. That is a fine foundation.
       What we agreed on.
      1. Monthly meetings in public.  This allows us to recruit new members.
       We chose the 4th Sunday of each month. We also agreed to do it in LBV, that is the st rt 535 exit off I-4.
       Scott Allen and myself will scout the area to find a meeting place ( that is free and quiet)
       This was the compromise between the Polk and Orange county LP's.
      2. We will support the Ron Paul run as individuals, not as LP or RLC.
      3. We will support the formation of an Osceola LP. The new members will be attracted to the Ron Paul candidacy.
      4. We will support and campaign for the repeal of Florida property taxes.
      5. We will support any and all restrictions on the use of Eminent Domain for private use.
      Next months agenda:
       What can we do to Support Ron Paul locally?
      Calls/emails to media to protest the blackout.
       Find Local candidates to support.
       Recruit new members (all clubs)
       Contact local CPR and Log Cabin Republicans to join combined effort
       Meeting place: acceptable or not?
       Fundraising: find/appoint Treasurer
       Pass the hat
       Discuss Big Event ( Boortz? Stossel? Burg? P Blumel as speakers) (date? Place? 07 or 08?)
       Do we have time to do anything for Tax Freedom day in May or is it June?
       If you are within driving distance and you didn't make it and you want to help the Good Doctor, Shame on you. But we will look for you next time. It is never too late to help.
       I hope this  after action report excites you.
       Here is some ammo to use against those who say our goal is hopeless. http://poll.pollhost.com/Q3lDb25zZXJ2YXRpdmUJMTE3NDE4MzI1OQlGRjAwMDAJRkZGRjAwCUFyaWFsCUFzc29ydGVkCTA/
      Now, think back in time to Bill Clintons odds in early 1991. George H. W Bush had a 85% approval rating then.
       This is winnable. Don't let the negative Nellie destroy our best chance for a victory for liberty in a lifetime.
       To OUR success!
       R. B. Lee

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