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PSYOP, a "... truly humane weapon", pointed at US Citizens by our own government?

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  • Guy McLendon
    Consider whether the US government may be using PSYOP techniques to shape US public opinion. In the first link, notice the references to dissemination via the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 18, 2005

      Consider whether the US government may be using PSYOP techniques to shape US public opinion

      In the first link, notice the references to dissemination via the internet. 

      In the second link, a veteran PSYOP warrior explains what PSYOP is; visit his website @ http://www.psywarrior.com/ … If you now feel the claim that the existence of a PSYOP division is simply conspiracy-nut stuff … you’ll probably reconsider that opinion after reading the psywarrior.com website.

      The third link mentions PSYOPS in context of domestic application, but denies that is actually happening.

      When you hear folks who claim to be pro-liberty, and yet spout little but the current “party-line” … that combination should be a flag that maybe this person’s statements should be reviewed more carefully.


      From the Federation of American Scientists about the 1990s war in Bosnia :


      128 Though there was no use of the Internet-one of the newest media for PSYOP-as a dissemination platform during the IFOR mission, the CJIICTF did consider the problem. This may have been an excellent medium for dissemination to certain key (urban elite) communicators. Students in Serbia have already had limited experience with the Internet as an effective means of persuasive communication, and called their recent uprising in Belgrade "the Internet revolution." See "The Internet Revolution," Wired Magazine, May 1996. The use of the Internet by the CJIICTF was held up at one time over the legality of using it because by law PSYOP products may not be available to the United States and the U.S. public could easily have accessed PSYOP Internet sites. Other assessments by the CJIICTF determined that the audience might have been too small to be worth the effort. Other U.S. Government entities, however, did use the Internet as a platform for dissemination. During the SFOR mission, the 1st Infantry Division considered its World Wide Web home page as one of several ways to convey information to target audiences. See LTC Garry J. Beavers and LTC Stephen W. Shanahan, "Operationalizing IO in Bosnia-Herzegovina," Military Review (forthcoming).

      Here’s a description of PSYOPS … from the horse’s mouth:


      “PSYOP is not unlike the public advertising that we are all exposed to wherever we go, every day, through all kinds of mass media. However the negative connotation that some people attach to the word psychological" prevents many people from recognizing the simple truth. Everyone knows that if you do not have a good product to sell, people will not continue buying it, no matter how much you advertise. The same applies to the points of view advertised through the use of psychological operations. Thus we have no reason to fear PSYOP, but we do have ample reason to respect it for what it can do.

      By the application of sound PSYOP techniques, through face-to-face communication and mass media communications, we have demonstrated, time and time again, that we can appeal to the intelligence, reason, and emotions of our target audience to get them to think and act as we desire. If these people are shooting at us, we can persuade them to lay down their arms. If they fear us, we can convince them that they have nothing to fear. If they are belligerent and uncooperative, we can show them the value of unity and cooperation. Lastly and most important, the utilization of PSYOP can prevent needless bloodshed, destruction and misery. That is why we say, with conviction, that psychological operations, or PSYOP, is truly a humane weapon.

      Today, Psychological Operations are a vital part of the broad range of U.S. political, military, economic and ideological activities used by the U.S. government to secure national objectives. The mission of providing Psychological Operations for the U.S. Military today rests with the U.S. Army's Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.”

      * * * * * * * * * * *

      The last sentence in quote below reminds me of the scene from the Wizard of OZ, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”


      “Of greater concern is that the press and the public have caught on to this word game, expressing concern about how the use of the term INFO OPS seems to be a deliberate attempt to allow PSYOPS to be used by politicians in order to manipulate domestic audiences to support weak, unpopular policies. This may be a case of military terminology being too clever by half. Critically, there is no connection between PSYOPS and public information activities aimed at global public opinion and home audiences, which seek to provide an accurate and truthful account of events.”

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