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Re: [RLC-Action] RE: question about Ohio

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  • John Mitchel, LtCol, USAF (Ret
    Mike, Thanks for sending this along to Mohamed. I ll be watching for a reply. Mitch MikeAMina@aol.com wrote: Hi Mohamed. I m the Ohio RLC Coordinator. I m
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 21, 2005
      Thanks for sending this along to Mohamed.  I'll be watching for a reply.

      MikeAMina@... wrote:
      Hi Mohamed.
      I'm the Ohio RLC Coordinator. I'm planning an organizational (reorganizational?) RLC meeting in northeast Ohio (where I reside) between now and the end of the year.

      As far as getting Senator DeWine to follow in Dr. Paul's footsteps, I don't know of anyone yet who is sympathetic to our goals and has that kind of access to DeWine. Many Republicans are displeased with DeWine because of the recent federal judge deal he made with the rest of the "gang of 14."

      Furthermore, John Mitchel, who will be challenging DeWine in the primary, has expressed interest in seeking our endorsement. Someone from RLC national is supposed to get back to me on what to have Mr. Mitchel do (in addition to, or other than, signing the Liberty Compact), but no one has gotten back to me.

      Mike Mina
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