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Re: New poll for RLC-Action - Logo Design

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    From: DGHarrison ... Correct. ONLY consider the design elements. I didn t take the liberty of editing the submissions to delete
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2005
      From: DGHarrison <DGHarrison@...>
      > The original call for a logo was for a graphic design
      > without any words incorporated into it...

      Correct. ONLY consider the design elements.

      I didn't "take the liberty" of editing the submissions
      to delete words. Any or all of the wording could be
      modified and/or wording added ... depending on the
      usage. For example, on the website, the logo will
      likely be "raw", since the name will be obvious and
      the URL known. For brochures, banners, T-Shirts,
      pins or stickers, the full name and URL will likely
      be added.

      Also, don't discard options that may require
      a professional "tweek". We'll likely give the final
      design(s?) to a graphic artist for "cleanup".

      Although we will have one official national logo,
      any of the designs may be used for other purposes
      (multiple brochure covers or special projects). The
      state chapters may use any logo for any purpose.

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