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RLC Board Telecon Summary

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    The National RLC Board of Directors met by teleconference on Wednesday evening. Acting Vice Chairman Mike Hewitt has resigned. See his message below. Philip
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2005
          The National RLC Board of Directors met by teleconference on
      Wednesday evening.
          Acting Vice Chairman Mike Hewitt has resigned. See his
      message below. Philip Blumel was nominated and seconded
      for the position, with a final vote planned for the next meeting.
      Members who are interested in being a candidate for the VC
      position should contact members of the Board for advice and
      to solicit nominations. The Directors thanked Mike for his
      contribution and wished him well in his statehouse race.
          A News Release on Eminent Domain was approved. The text
      will be available to state RLC organizations for editing and local
      distribution. The Release will be sent to our media list late on
      August 14th. Another release is being prepared on Social Security,
      offering support for privatization proposals by RLC Advisors.
          The Board has approved resumption of state dues sharing.
      Chartered State organizations will be required to submit a
      report of any and all dues receipts for new or renewed members
      during the past year, to allow reconciliation of share balances.
      The Florida RLC, which had been mailing receipts to National,
      will receive an immediate disbursement. A report for all other
      Chartered states will be issued shortly by the Treasurer.
          After discussion, the Board decided to take no action on
      establishing an RLC Blog. Aside from editorial concerns and
      the lack of personnel to manage a site, there is a possibility
      that we can integrate Blogish features on the new website.
          The Directors also granted full editorial discretion to the
      current Moderators of National eGroups. Guidelines and
      policies will be issued shortly.
          The fundraising letter to Reason Foundation contributors
      in on schedule for mailing September 1st.
          Plans to have a membership preference vote on the RLC
      eGroups for an official logo will proceed in the absence of
      any objection. Directors will make the final determination
      based on preferences in the polls and the Convention votes.
          The next teleconference will be moved to a new day
      and time. Sessions will be held on the Second Monday
      of each month. The next meeting is September 12th.
      Meeting times are moved back one hour (9:30pm ET).
      Bill Westmiller
      RLC National Chairman
      MSH0118 writes:
      With my campaign heating up much earlier than I expected it has become obvious that I can't contribute the appropriate amount of time to RLC-National in the capacity of Vice Chair.

      IN the best interest of RLC-National and my campaign please accept this as my resignation from the post of Vice Chair. Termination at whatever date you feel is best for the organization - I assume after you've had a chance to fill the chair. That said, it is my continued desire to have an active role with RLC thereafter and at your discretion. I recall you making some suggestions in our last email exchange on this subject, which I liked very much.

      Lastly, an endorsement of my candidacy will be greatly appreciated.

      Mike Hewitt, Acting Vice Chair
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