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RLC PorcFest Report

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    About 450 people attended the Free State Project s Porcfest in Lancaster, New Hampshire last weekend. Roger s Campground was a virtual tent city, with plenty
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2005
          About 450 people attended the Free State Project's
      Porcfest in Lancaster, New Hampshire last weekend.
      Roger's Campground was a virtual tent city, with plenty
      of outdoors living and camaraderie for the five days.
          The RLC had immediate visibility to all of those who
      attended, with a custom brochure included in the
      attendance packet and a prominent ad in the program.
          Political activism was one of the first program events
      on Friday, with the NH Liberty Alliance and RLC making
      presentations. Phil Blumel provided an overview of RLC
      objectives and projects; and Bill Westmiller applauded
      the FSP members for their contribution to the pursuit of
      liberty while RLC-NH activists Dan and Carol McGuire
      offered RLC literature and custom RLC-FSP T-Shirts,
      chatting with "Porcupines" at a display table. Over 100
      people attended the presentation, with lots of questions
      and a very warm reception. Several new members were
      signed up and lots of literature was distributed.
          All day Saturday, RLCers manned the display table
      that was located next to the Libertarian Party display
      with Michael Badnarik offering books and CDs. We
      shared an OPH chart with them, using different colored
      dots for LP and RLC members (with dozens of both
      in the libertarian quadrant). Tim Condon, who is both an
      FSP officer and RLC Chapter Director, helped at the
      table, which had regular visitors all day long.
          Saturday evening we attended the Liberty Alliance
      Second Annual Liberty Dinner with Dr. Ron Paul as
      the headline speaker. I met briefly with Dr. Paul and
      RLC-NH Honorary Chair Albert 'Bick' Bicknell, who
      were both enthusiastic about the RLC's efforts and
      prospects. Don Gorman, a long-time NH libertarian,
      also offered to assist. Gorman made presentations
      of awards to top scorers in the latest NHLA Liberty
      Ratings of state legislators. Both events received
      prominent coverage in the Manchester Union Leader.
          The event was exciting and stimulating, with such
      a wide variety of lifestyles and personalities, all very
      optimistic about the future of liberty in New Hampshire.
      I was pleased that the RLC had high visibility and
      such an enthusiastic reception from the 'Porcupines'.
          Special thanks to Dan and Carol and Tim for
      making it possible for me to attend.
          Additional reports from Phil and Tim below.

      Bill Westmiller
      RLC Chairman
      Pics & News Stories: www.freestateproject.org
      Item from Tim on RLC-FL eGroup:
      From: "Philip Blumel" pblumel@...


      Last weekend, I went up to Lancaster, NH, for PorcFest 2005, the
      second annual gathering of the Free State Project. The FSP is a group
      that is organizing a libertarian migration to New Hampshire, a small
      state with a individualist tradition and grass-roots-oriented
      political culture. For more info, see www.freestateproject.com.

      Joining me was Bill Westmiller, the national chair of the RLC. Bill
      and I spoke to the gathering, manned an outreach table and sold RLC
      memberships. I shared stories of our successful RLC organizing in
      Florida, and the NH RLCers are going to ape a few of our programs,
      including the OPH booths at GOP events and setting up libertarian
      speakers at established Republican Clubs.

      Our talk was well-received, with a lengthy Q&A that had to be cut off
      when we ran out of time. But the questions kept coming after the
      presentation outside the hall and at our outreach table. As a result,
      the RLC of New Hampshire certainly gained on Florida in the RLC's
      national membership contest!

      I met one Floridian prospect, Jeff Berg of West Palm Beach, who is
      interested in attending our upcoming RLC event with Bob Poole at the
      Central Palm Beach Republican Club on Sept. 7. But there were other
      Floridians there, including our own Tim Condon, a free stater who
      currently lives in Tampa, and Heather and Jason Talley of Bureaucrash
      who live in Holiday. Heather also spoke to the gathering and said she
      would be happy to speak to College and Young Republican groups in
      Florida under RLC auspices. For more info on Heather's outfit, see

      The event was a success for the RLC and a good time for me. I would
      recommend the trek up there next year for comraderie in a beautiful
      part of the country. The event was quite kid friendly, as the
      sprawling Rogers Campground has swimming pools, tennis courts,
      playground, miniature golf, hiking, etc. Plus, for free staters, the
      festival provided a base to explore their new or soon-to-be-new home.

      Item from Tim on RLC-NH eGroup:
         From: Tim Condon <tim@...>
      Subject: Good radio program on Thursday!

                          Everyone, below is a message from the redoubtable
              Jane Aitken of the Coalition of New Hampshire (Free State)
              Taxpayers. The wonderful couple of Dan & Carol McGuire, Free
              State Project Porcupines who have just moved to NH and are
              joining the Republican Liberty Caucus in the state, will be
              talking about their experiences in their new home, the Porcupine
              Freedom Festival, and the RLCNH. And you can listen to the
              program on the web! (See below.) This is a don't-miss program!

      Tim Condon -- Tampa, Florida
      From: Jane <jane@...>
      Subject: Taxpayer Radio for August 4th

      It will be just Howard Dilworth and myself hosting this week on
      Taxpayer Radio when we will have as guests, Dan and Carol McGuire. They
      will talk about their experiences before and after moving to NH.
      I will be talking extensively about Porc Fest and the FSP as well.
      Be sure to join us via streaming and interact with us via IMs!

      - Jane

      Jane Aitken
      Webmaster & Secretary
      Coalition of NH Taxpayers
      136 N. Main Street
      Concord, NH 03301
      Home: (603) 472.7488
      Cell: (603) 426.2393
      WLMW 90.7 FM
      Thursdays 6-8 PM
      Streaming on the web
        at: www.cnht.org
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