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Re: [RLC-Action] Eminent Domain Boycott

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  • John Pankratz
    Pfizer stock is has passed a 5 year low earlier this year and is still not that much higher although it looks like its starting to recover. It pays a decent
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 24, 2005
      Pfizer stock is has passed a 5 year low earlier this year and is still
      not that much higher although it looks like its starting to recover. It
      pays a decent dividend as well. Maybe what we should do is buy some
      stock and raise a ruckus at the annual meeting. Given the number of RLC
      members, we'd liikely make more of an impression on their board that way
      than by declaring a boycott. I doubt that a boycott by our membership
      would even be noticed. The other way we might even make a little money
      on the project. You could donate any profits to the RLC PAC. That way we
      would actually be getting back on track with our main purpose, which, in
      Texas at least, is to ELECT MORE RON PAUL REPUBLICANS. If you all
      decide on my stock plan, I'm good for 100 shares. If you're going to
      boycott, I think I'll stay out of that market. Wouldn't want to lose my
      shirt now, would I?

      If 12,000,000 Southern Baptists couldn't shut down Disneyworld, I doubt
      we can seriously wound Pfizer.
      ............ john p .............

      DGHarrison wrote:

      > */Adam J Bernay wrote:/*/ I see some major problems with this.
      > Some people NEED these medications. This goes primarily for the
      > prescription drugs, but people like me with allergies use a lot of
      > Sudafed. While I use primarily generic pseudoephedrine rather than
      > Sudafed, it's primarily because Sudafed is a lot more expensive,
      > but I really prefer the Sudafed. It works better and the coating
      > makes it easier to take./
      > Yes. No one should stop using their prescription medications -- but I
      > have asked my doctor to switch me from Norvasc to some other brand of
      > blood pressure medication. Norvasc makes my feet swell up anyway. But
      > that's not the point. The point is that we tell Pfizer that we're
      > going to stop buying their products, and we do stop buying their
      > products as much as is practicable. There are a lot of choices for OTC
      > medications that one can look into, but whether you actually stop
      > using Pfizer products isn't the important thing. The important thing
      > is to scream at Pfizer and threaten them with boycott.
      > Do you think that if the NAACP, AARP, and other groups threaten a
      > boycott that Pfizer will listen up? What Pfizer is doing, and what the
      > SCOTUS has waved its magic wand over, is something that effects
      > members of those two groups the most. It is in the older parts of
      > towns that cities see opportunities to bulldoze, and it is these
      > places that the poor tend to congregate -- regardless of race or age.
      > This is an issue that really has no political home, because it
      > potentially affects any home, whether the occupants are Democrats,
      > Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, or what have you.
      > Is National doing anything to reach out for a coalition of entities
      > that could put more pressure on this issue together than they ever
      > could as separate entities?
      > Doug Harrison
      > Minnesota
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      I'm a libertarian by logical necessity because I'm a Christian.

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