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Re: [RLC-Action] Thoughts on Sanford '08

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    From: Bruno Behrend ... First things first. If we re going to dominate the premium ground, the most important early step is to own
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2004
      From: "Bruno Behrend" <davincicg@...>
      > One of the things that we can do to improve a Sanford's chances are to
      > organize early and effectively for him in NH & Iowa ...

      First things first. If we're going to dominate the premium ground,
      the most important early step is to own the campaign URL. At this
      point, the only significant website names that have been claimed
      are 'Sanford2008.org' and 'MarkSanford2008.com' ... both by
      remarketers looking for big bucks from a campaign. For a few
      hundred dollars, we can reserve all other variants to 'Sanford08',
      'Sanford2008', 'MarkSanford08' and MarkSanford2008'. Anyone
      who wants to chip in for the set, let me know. We can offer the
      preferred URL to the campaign as our first 'contribution'.
      Our netWizard, Doug Lorenz, may be able to reserve them
      for a song ... CC, since he's not on this eGroup.

      Secondly, we need to establish communications with the
      Sanford administration. Mark Little, our SC Contact, may be
      the best person to do that, but Jeff in NC also "gets around".
      Here's his on-line 'Contact Page':

      Third, we need to build a 'dossier' on Sanford, with all the
      best material on his political positions and history. We already
      know he has one of the best all-time 'Libertarian' ratings in the
      RLC Liberty Index for his years in Congress:
      House 1995 SC 01 p: 56 e:100 c: 78.0 = Libertarian
      House 1996 SC 01 p: 78 e: 82 c: 80.0 = Libertarian
      House 1997 SC 01 p: 69 e: 91 c: 80.0 = Libertarian
      House 1998 SC 01 p: 70 e: 95 c: 82.5 = Libertarian
      House 1999 SC 01 p: 74 e: 95 c: 84.5 = Libertarian
      House 2000 SC 01 p: 84 e: 90 c: 87.0 = Libertarian
      House LIFE SC 01 p: 72 e: 92 c: 82.0 = Libertarian
      John David Galt has expressed an interest in working on
      candidate research (as has Tony Frontuto) ... CC to them.

      Fourth, our 'stepping stone' is the fact that he is up for
      reelection as SC Governor in 2006. He's practically a shoe-
      in, but it's a good off-year news and publicity opportunity.
      We can certainly endorse him for re-election promptly and
      any of us who want to work on the project need to join his
      campaign eGroup (I'm already a member) at:
      He's only sent out a few updates so far. Last was May.

      A top priority for local folks is to review the SC campaign
      finance laws and setup an RLCSC-PAC that complies with
      the state laws for donations to his campaign. The first step
      in that direction is to focus on getting an RLC-SC Charter

      > (you can skip Iowa if you can guarantee a win in NH.

      I don't think there's any need to talk about what we can
      'skip' in order to 'still get' the nomination. Let's assume that
      it's going all the way and we'll hit every opportunity hard.
      By the way, we have a *veteran* of the Presidential Primaries,
      Blake Ashby, who can certainly provide strategic advice.

      > To this end, an early incursion into NH with an endorsement
      > & a big check would be a plus.

      Tim Condon is our quasi-official RLC-NH Contact and is
      making good progress toward forming an RLC Charter there.
      Given his position with the Free State Project, we already
      have a solid foundation for organizing an RLC-Sanford local
      campaign team. Just in case Tim isn't on this eGroup, CC
      to him.

      > DO we know he's interested?

      We know he's been mentioned in 'higher circles', but
      he will probably discard speculation until after the 2006
      speculation. We DO need to establish contact and make
      sure we're playing *with* his cards, rather than against
      them. We may have to work in the 'closet' or 'backroom'
      for the first portion of the organizing. The object being to
      catch everyone else off guard and grab the lead early.

      > 3. Start an EFFECTIVE anti-McCain campaign now ...

      IF it's necessary to "go negative" on McCain, or some
      other aspirant, it can wait until 2007. Let's work on setting
      up an insurmountable effort that will discourage contenders.
      My only concern is speculation that Cheney, purely as
      a strategic political move, will resign in 2006-7 and Bush
      will appoint an "heir apparent". I'm not sure that we have
      the contacts or resources to influence that choice, but IF
      we've done the groundwork, the Bush team may not be able
      to ignore us. (All ASSUMING that Bush is reelected! ;o)
      IF Bush is out, the bandwagon for 'leader' will start early.

      CC: A few others who may be interested and may or may
      not be on the RLC-Action eGroup.
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