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Media Database was: Last call for HR 1528

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  • Steve Redlich
    ... Doug, I have little experience with database programming, but wouldn t mind trying to set something up for the group on one of my LAMP servers. Apache
    Message 1 of 9 , May 25, 2005
      On Wed, 25 May 2005, Ray Holtorf wrote:

      > I'm an MS Access expert - but am not as up-to-date on
      > utilizing that program on line. Most dbases use the
      > same or similar language. Yahoo has an on-line (in
      > group, actually) database function which I could learn
      > this weekend. Send me a sample of the data you would
      > like included, and I'll setup and format the fields...


      I have little experience with database programming, but wouldn't mind
      trying to set something up for the group on one of my LAMP servers.

      Apache (https) could easily handle the authentication/authorization for
      both state and national users. PHP scripts would interact with the database
      and display web forms for data entry as well at output the media lists.

      I would be happy to create a web account and database for anyone
      interested in putting something together.

      This probably belongs on the RLC-Comm list, so please followup there.


      > --- Douglas Lorenz <Doug@...> wrote:
      >> The media list side of this project is definitely
      >> the most work, and would
      >> be best if there were many people doing small parts
      >> of the project. That is
      >> something which I had proposed a while back, that
      >> one of the first projects
      >> of each state organization should be the development
      >> and maintenance of
      >> media lists. If completed on a state-by-state
      >> basis, the individual
      >> workload is minor.
      >> However, to do this part of the project correctly,
      >> we need a programmer to
      >> develop an online database that state coordinators
      >> can use to manage and
      >> update the media lists. Once completed, the lists
      >> could be available to
      >> both national and the state organizations to use.
      >> Until then, if every state were encouraged to put
      >> together a spreadsheet
      >> listing publications in their jurisdiction,
      >> including contact information
      >> for political writers and editors we would have a
      >> good start on the project.
      >> The other thing that would be beneficial would be an
      >> organizational
      >> database, which is the project that I am currently
      >> designing the scope of.
      >> I would like to be able to track other political
      >> organizations in a
      >> database, indicating organizational focus and areas
      >> where we anticipate
      >> cooperation with the RLC. That way we would be able
      >> to be the people that
      >> are known for getting the ball rolling when these
      >> issues come up in the
      >> future.
      >> Once again, that project can just as easily be
      >> started by putting a
      >> spreadsheet together and assembling lists of
      >> organizations and contact
      >> information.
      >> The spreadsheets may be more difficult to use than a
      >> full database, but it
      >> is a start.
      >> I'll be going to DC in just over a week for a
      >> political technology
      >> conference where I will be trying to get some people
      >> together in developing
      >> the framework for this database (and a few other
      >> projects) that I am
      >> proposing.
      >> Douglas Lorenz
      >> p.s. I'll try to remember to use my full name as
      >> well.
      >> _____
      >> From: RLC-Action@yahoogroups.com
      >> [mailto:RLC-Action@yahoogroups.com] On
      >> Behalf Of DGHarrison
      >> Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 3:30 PM
      >> To: RLC-Action@yahoogroups.com
      >> Subject: Re: [RLC-Action] Last call for HR 1528
      >> Douglas Lorenz wrote: I am still asking for people
      >> to volunteer for doing
      >> the real work of helping me develop distribution
      >> lists. It is quite
      >> disappointing to find that there have been
      >> absolutely no commitments to this
      >> aspect of the project. Remember, unless we develop
      >> these distribution
      >> lists, we will not be able to build an adequate
      >> publicity effort, which
      >> affects our ability to attract new activists.
      >> Okay, Doug. I am willing to do my part here in
      >> Minnesota. What exactly is it
      >> that you need me to do? Do you want to have each
      >> state and territory to
      >> provide you with a list -- a current and well
      >> maintained list -- of all
      >> media outlets, political organizations, members of
      >> state legislatures,
      >> governors, etc., so you can go directly from
      >> National to all those
      >> possibles? Or do you want each state and territory
      >> to designate one
      >> individual to whom you would drop the lit for their
      >> subsequent distribution
      >> locally?
      >> On the one hand, you maintain complete control of
      >> the message (no fears of
      >> sabotage -- rewriting, spoofing, etc.), while on the
      >> other, you lessen the
      >> burden on you to communicate with hundreds, perhaps
      >> thousands, of addressees
      >> if you trust the 50-plus folks it would take to have
      >> a PR man in each state
      >> and territory.
      >> I need some guidance on who your target audience is,
      >> so that I don't end up
      >> going off down the wrong track. It does seem to me
      >> that I've been involved
      >> with a couple of alert groups that allow us to write
      >> our own letters on
      >> topics and then select from a list of potential news
      >> outlets in our state or
      >> region for distribution. If we can get those lists,
      >> it would be nice.
      >> Doug Harrison
      >> P.S. Is anyone confused when there are two different
      >> Doug's on this group? I
      >> will always sign my whole name in order to avoid
      >> confusion, but I think it
      >> would be good if folks would mark their responses to
      >> the proper recipient
      >> clearly as well. Just a thought.
      >> _____
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