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Re: [RLC-Action] RLC Display

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  • Chuck Seberg
    OK Guys. The way this works is this: if you suggest something on this mail list it means you know a way to get it done. (That s the action part, right?) So
    Message 1 of 5 , May 23, 2005
      OK Guys.  The way this works is this:  if you suggest something on this mail list it means you know a way to get it done.  (That's the action part, right?)  So it appears Doug and John will be constructing a new 3-D LiberGraph for us.  This should be a fun project.  Let us know how it's going.  Send pictures.
      A cube? If you pull that off, you move to the top of the heap. (Actually, a globe would probably be more accurate.)

      John Pankratz wrote:
      Looks like good craftsmanship.

      One thing that bothers me about that chart is that if you used it in
      mainland China it would place the political leadership there firmly in
      the "right wing" category. No doubt some of us here would like to see
      that association, but I'm wondering if there is another political
      "dimension" that even our 2-D chart doesn't account for.

      John P.

      Chuck Seberg wrote:

      >Attached find a picture of a display panel that I'm working on.  The National Office was good enough to provide a graphics file for the RLC Libergraph which I patched up to fit on a 22 inch display board.  It could be expanded to a 30 inch display board with no problem.  The printing was done at a local copy center that had a wide format printer.  I was happy with the result.


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