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Re: [RLC-Discuss] Re: [RLC-Action] Re: [RLCTX] Last Chance to Stop the Super Committee Tax Hike

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  • Douglas Harrison
    I, too, was in the service. I am not defending all DoD programs, I m just saying that the Republicans will skewer anyone who doesn t do their best to keep the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 22, 2011
      I, too, was in the service. I am not defending all DoD programs, I'm just saying that the Republicans will skewer anyone who doesn't do their best to keep the military from being cut. Yes, there are certainly programs that could be cut, but I happened to be in during the Carter years (beginning with Vietnam) and I'll never forgive the bastard for first cutting the budget so severely that in order to our job (translating enemy communications) we had to go to the BX and buy our own pencils. There were none to be had in the supply closet. Okay, that's minor, but it demonstrates the depth of the cuts. But what really pissed me off was that when the Iranians took our embassy people hostage, he had the unmitigated gall to complain, "My intelligence community let me down." The jackass had cut intelligence program budgets more severely than any other, I believe because he didn't understand their value, until after he discovered he needed them.

      I am on board with Jason Lewis, who says we need to cut some military budget items -- the right budget cuts, which ought to be cuts suggested by military commanders, even when senators cry like babies over the pork they might have brought home to their respective states. Nobody listens to the commanders. The problem is that we also need to cut welfare and foreign aid spending. We know we cannot trust the Democrats to cut any of their programs, even if they promise to do so, because it's always just Lucy and Charlie Brown and that damned football all over again. Every capitulation on the part of Republicans is met with no follow through from Democrats. The Republicans simply don't want to go first, because it always ends up being a reneged deal from the Left.

      Frankly, I believe both sides went into the Super Committee knowing they would defend their turf to the end, so they could go home to their respective constituents saying, "We tried our best, the other guys were assholes and now the automatic cuts are unavoidable. Sorry." They all think they're safe for their reelections that way. Both sides. They can blame the other side for the misery everyone finds themselves in … except the misery will be greater on the conservative side. And besides, the Left is still going to try like hell to get taxes raised, because the stupid Republicans are more likely to cave than not. But even if they don't cave, the Democrats get to decapitate the DoD bull, while only giving paper cuts to the welfare machine.

      The point isn't to protect the DoD from needful cuts; it's to ensure that cuts go both ways. Of that, I have no hope.

      Doug Harrison

      On Nov 23, 2011, at 12:28 AM, Barry Moore wrote:

      And, Doug, I knew that George would sign anything handed to him by Cheney.
      BTW, having been a former "soldier", I really beg to differ as to what exactly the DoD is defending, except, perhaps, its own budget.
      As far as "defending" this or that government, I think it goes way back, in the "wayback machine", back to 1913.
      The year the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax were instituted. Paper money and class warfare.
      And now, it's 100 years later. No faith, man.

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      You know in your heart that Obama will sign any cuts for the DoD, but will veto any for liberal sacred-cow programs. Unless the Republicans put that bill forward without a severability clause, Obama will just be getting everything he wants. Come to think of it, the man has already demonstrated that he fears no court findings against him. He'll do something extralegal, if not totally illegal, to get his way. We all knew the Super Committee was designed to fail, but that even in a fail, the Democrats get more of what they want than Republicans can get. You know that Republicans would have fought tooth and nail to guard the DoD, while the Democrats will offer up only token programs that are not actually benefitting any unionistas or liberals. Gone will be anything that benefits conservatives; protected will be anything that benefits the Left. It was all a set up, and I called it that back when the news of the Super Committee was first aired this past summer. I have absolutely no faith in this government whatsoever, not after it came to light that Congress can do insider trading with impunity. No faith, man. No faith. Rule of law? Shot to hell and not coming back.

      Doug Harrison

      On Nov 22, 2011, at 9:18 PM, Dave Nalle wrote:

      On 11/22/11 7:41 PM, Barry Moore wrote:
      Good f*ing luck. You knew, in you heart, what this would come to.

      Well, the Super Committee did fail.  Now we just need to make sure that the Congress follows through on the promised "mandatory" cuts.


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