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  • michael franks
    I know in 1996, when I was part of the campaign team for Ron s race in the district, that after Ron won, most of us then went over to help work on Stockman s
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 1, 2011
      I know in 1996, when I was part of the campaign team for Ron's race in the district, that after Ron won, most of us then went over to help work on Stockman's race.  Many of the Ron Paul team back then was in Galveston.
      Stockman, as a freshman Congressman was the only one who stood up and didn't bend to what the entire national and state party, as well as DC Congressional power, was FORCING everyone to do, which was to back D to R Congressman Laughlin.   Stockman said no and backed Ron.      
      We often wonder once we get people in office, will they "bow down" and "tote the party line" to the establishment power brokers.  Evidence that Steve will not.
      In 2006 in that screw up of a race the republican party made of DeLays seat. Stockman wasn't on the main general election ballot. He was only on the other special election ballot (that didn't matter as to who would be the Congressman) as an independent, and he didn't campaign at all. 
      Stockman is also close with GOA Larry Pratt. Larry's daughter, Anna Marie was a DC staffer with Ron Paul for years, but came to Ron's office in 96 FROM Stockman's office first only after Lampson defeated Stockman.   So there are numerous ties back and forth.
      Ron Paul always used "The Taxpayers Best Friend" on all his signs and campaign literature for his Congressional races.  (Designation from the National Taxpayers Union.)
      Stockman as Ron, also had that designation in the 90's of the "The Taxpayers Best Friend".
      I personally know of some polls that were run that in CD14 that show Stockman still with the most name ID, out of the other main potential candidates mentioned.
      On Faulk, I don't know what he ever did to help campaign for Ron Paul before? As I had never seen or heard of him before in any of Ron's campaigns down here.
      My main problem with Faulk is that he ran twice in a row against Shelia Jackson Lee and is now wanting to run a 3rd time in a row for another Congressional district.   
      It just makes it look like he is what is called a "perennial" candidate now that he want's to jump into another district.    On his facebook page he had a question up asking people if they wanted him to run again against Shelia Jackson Lee, or to run in one of the "new open seats".    As in let's spin the wheel of which district I want to run for.     
      The voters in all the communities of Jefferson, Galveston, and Brazoria counties are just not going to vote for someone from Houston, who is "carpet bagging" into that area to be the Congressman over them.    So regardless if he is the clone of Ron Paul ideologically, campaign dynamics are just not going to be on his side, in a field of other candidates who do have ties to the district.    It will be seen for what it is.  "Hi, I'm not from here, and yall don't know me, but you need me to be your Congressman."     
      State Rep Randy Weber, who also does not live in 14, but lives in 22 but at least is still in Brazoria county, would win and beat Faulk handidly with the carpet bag votes. What would Faulk have to offer, that would be different than known State Rep Weber?  That district is not a, "lets just go show up at the Republican events" like how Houston candidates run their races. Different dynamic, different campaign tactics than a Houston race.
      The support Faulk did receive prior, was only because of the "hook", which was he was running to try and defeat lunatic Shelia Jackson-Lee and tapping into everyone's disgust and hatred of the old sea cow rhetoric queen.   Was purely an "anti Shelia" vote and campaign, vs. a pro Faulk.   They had logos of   "SJL" with a circle/slash over it.    So I dont see how he translates any of the support back in HOUSTON, that wanted to defeat SJL, into another district of 3 different counties that he does not live in, and in a race where he is not trying to "slay the dragon" anymore.   
      There are other serious candidates who will run for this thing as well as those just "giving it a shot" to see what happens this time.  This will be a major race, with "campaign 101" type races being formed and run.    Just don't need the liberty minded vote being diluted.


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      On 8/31/11 2:16 PM, westmiller@... wrote:

      Stockman is only slightly better than Faulk. If he has any advantage (he
      only got 10% in a 2006 election), it's that he might be confused with David
      Stockman, advisor to Ronald Reagan:

      At this point, I don't see any candidate as particularly attractive to the

      I have the mention that I've been talking to Steve Stockman.  I'm not sold on him yet, but he seems to have "evolved" in recent years.  His voting record was kind of extreme on some issues and quite socially conservative when he was in office, but he seems to be much more personally libertarian than his record back then would indicate.  It's quite possible that like Bob Barr and some others his political views are substantially and genuinely different than they were 15 years ago.


    • westmiller@aol.com
      Posted by: Dave Nalle ... political views are substantially and genuinely different than they were 15 years ago. It s also quite possible that some very
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        Posted by: "Dave Nalle"
        > ... It's quite possible that like Bob Barr and some others his
        political views are substantially and genuinely different than they were 15 years

        It's also quite possible that some very libertarian people have suppressed
        their expression of liberty ideals in order to be successful in politics.
        I know several people in California that agree with me on nearly every
        issue, but for pragmatic reasons have avoided discussion of them in political
        settings. They have prominent positions in the Republican Party and enjoy
        the social and financial benefits. Perhaps they are now feeling more
        comfortable about expressing their views. Which is why I'm suggesting that
        Truncale, even though "establishment", should be given an opportunity to state his

        BTW: Another LC received in the mail and posted (Virginia 6CD):

        I'd rather NOT be the receptacle for all future LC and Quiz submissions.
        Has anyone modified the documents on the website to show some other mailing
        address than my home?

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