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Re: [RLC-Action] Ron Paul's congressional seat

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  • Dave Nalle
    Michael, the Texas RLC has been discussing this and other races in detail for several weeks. If you re on Facebook I ll add you to our Liberty Candidates
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 10, 2011
      Michael, the Texas RLC has been discussing this and other races in detail for several weeks.  If you're on Facebook I'll add you to our Liberty Candidates group.  We're strongly opposed to Truncale and trying to figure out how best to stop him. Gay may take votes away from him and that could create an opportunity for a more liberty-oriented candidate. Stockman is one appealing option.  Some also like Faulk.  I'd rather have just one of them running.  Let the establishment split its votes, not us.


      On 8/10/11 11:54 AM, michael franks wrote:

      I've been on top of this since day 1 of Ron having announced his retirement.    There are numerous candidates and people coming out of the woodwork wanting to run for it.
      Several wanting to run don't even live in the district!   Many opportunist are out there.
      There are 2 wanting to run who have all but become "perennial" candidates in Houston, running for races they have no shot in Hades of winning.
      One of the guys who ran against Ron in the primary last time, John Gay, is running again.
      There is a state rep wanting to run, who also DOESN'T live in the district, nor does hardly any of his current state rep district overlap the congressional.
      Another candidate, Michael Truncale is a lawyer from Beaumont who is tied to the upper echelon of politics in Texas. He just did a fundraiser for Gov. Perry at his HOUSE a couple weeks ago. I found out that after redistricting put his county, Jefferson Co in Beaumont, Tx into Ron's CD14 he was already planning to run AGAINST Ron to defeat him in the primary!!!   
      Former Congressman Steve Stockman is going to run.   The new CD14 is very similar and about 80% of the former CD9 that Stockman used to represent.  It's almost like they put his old district back together again, but it's more Republican than before.

      When I was a campaign chairman in Ron's district for his "come back from the political graveyard race", as I like to label it ;) , in 1996, then Freshman Congressman Steve Stockman was the ONLY Congressman who stood and backed Ron!   Everyone in the party from DC to Texas was being "forced" to back and get behind D to R party switcher Congressman Laughlin.
      I remember when Ron's race was over in the primary, that everyone was then going to go over to Galveston to help campaign for Stockman.     Was an unusual election due to redistricting being done by the courts, and D-Lampson was able to win in a special election runoff. Stockman actually WON the general in November.  In 94 Stockman was able to defeat a 30 year democrat incumbent Jack Brooks.  Then the mid cycle court redraw changes the lines in 96.
      >From who I know is running or talking about running.   Stockman would be the best person to get behind to try and save Ron's seat!


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