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FW: Lawson for Congress: What we are fighting for...

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    You ve heard the urgent appeal for YOUR support for B. J. Here s a another reminder and a peak at WHAT your contribution will go toward. Jeff Palmer -
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2010
      Lawson for Congress: What we are fighting for...

      You’ve heard the urgent appeal for YOUR support for B. J.  Here’s a  another reminder and a peak at WHAT your contribution will go toward…


      Jeff Palmer - jap1@...


      From: Lawson for Congress [mailto:luke.brady=lawsonforcongress.com@...] On Behalf Of Lawson for Congress
      Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2010
      Subject: Lawson for Congress: What we are fighting for...



      What We Are Fighting For

      Dear Jeff,

      I've received numerous questions about the narrator in our new ad. Yes, it is Morgan Freeman, and I am excited to have his help fighting back against our incumbent's attacks.

      I've had great respect for Mr. Freeman for a long time, especially when I saw this video with his inspired introduction to our Declaration of Independence.

      In the above video, Mr. Freeman does a better job than anyone I've seen explaining why, exactly, this election is so important.

      Even though David Price is fighting against us with his distortionary ads, we must remember that we are fighting for the ideals that make this country great. This election is about advancing a federal government that lives up to the eternal ideals of our Declaration of Independence -- that every American individual has the God-given, inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      As your Congressman, I'll fight for to advance these ideals. 

      • A federal government that lives within its means, and its constitutional mandate
      • No more bailouts, crony capitalism, or special favors for the politically-connected
      • Lower taxes so we keep more money in our communities to build our own businesses, and create our own jobs
      • Less federal spending so economic growth and jobs can flourish in the private sector, and so we can protect the value of our currency

      Now for a quick update on Early Voting: 

      Fantastic news! Our GOTV targeting voters "not likely" to vote is paying off! As of this moment, we have turned out more "not likely" Republican and Unaffiliated voters than any other group. These are disaffected Americans who are voting against the status quo! Traditionally "Very likely" Republicans come out to vote on election day - if these trends continue we will win this election.

      We need more television!

      We have two more days to get out our message to the voters. With your help, we can buy more TV ads. Polls show us neck and neck with Price and his quarter-million dollar ad campaign isn't resonating with voters. 

      Watch our response -- then please, contribute to help us get this message on radio and television.

      This is our final push. We have four more days to combat Price's lies, and your support is needed today. This will probably be one of the closest elections in the country. 

      In liberty,

      B.J. Lawson
      Republican for Congress
      North Carolina's 4th District

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      Lawson For Congress

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      Cary, NC 27519

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