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FW: Lawson for Congress: Major Campaign Update

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    Major news from the B. J. Lawson campaign: He’s WINNING!! As you may know, B. J. Lawson is not just any RLC-endorsed candidate. At the last Republican
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      Lawson for Congress: Major Campaign Update

      Major news from the B. J. Lawson campaign:  He’s WINNING!!


      As you may know, B. J. Lawson is not just any RLC-endorsed candidate.  At the last Republican Liberty Caucus national convention, he was recognized as an RLC “Champion of Liberty”.  (Aside from Ron Paul himself, he was the only candidate in the country so honored!)   If you attended Ron Paul’s rally at the GOP National Convention, you’ll remember him as the M. C.  In his two campaigns, he has blanketed the district with nearly 100,000 copies of the U. S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  In 2008, despite the Obama landslide, B. J. collected more votes than any previous Republican in this normally safe Democrat district.  Candidly, he may be the best candidate I’ve ever seen.  Now, with two years of name recognition under his belt and a rising Republican tide, B. J. stands to win against an opponent who happens to be number one in congress for voting with Nancy Pelosi!


      But B. J. needs YOUR help!  Please join the Lawson for Congress money bomb on Constitution Day, September 17th (or before!)  See the link below.


      Jeff Palmer - jap1@...

      NC 4th Congressional District


      From: Lawson for Congress
      Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2010
      Subject: Lawson for Congress: Major Campaign Update



      We are winning. Lawson 45.6% - Price 45.1%
      Dear Jeff,

      Your hard work and dedicated support is paying off!

      In front of a packed press room with news reporters, cameras, and supporters at the Clarion Hotel in Raleigh I shared with reporters the historic results of a large-scale poll we commissioned in mid-August.

      Not only are we addressing the key issues that people are concerned about, such as bailouts, record deficits, runaway spending, and a government that has grown too big....

      We are winning. 

      It’s clear that the people of the fourth district know that Washington insiders are not representing our best interests.

      As I told reporters, Americans know you can't spend yourself out of a recession - just like you can't drink yourself sober. Americans know that you need to cut taxes, eliminate wasteful government spending, stop the bailouts and let North Carolina keep more of our money to allow us to create jobs and prosperity in our own communities.

      The signs are becoming clear: Even with a whopping 45.4% Democrat respondents we are still polling nearly half a point ahead of David Price.

      This is big news, because this means we have a historic opportunity to unseat a 22-year incumbent Washington insider, who votes with Nancy Pelosi more than any other congressman. 

      This campaign will be center stage in the 2010 election. The DCCC cannot afford to lose this seat and will likely spend hundreds of thousands to save Price. Politicos across the country had written this one off, but we stood strong -- and it paid off.

      Now more than ever I need your help. The Pelosi/Price/Democratic war machine now will have us in their sights and will attempt to discredit me while ignoring the message.

      This means we need to be ready to have our message ring clear through extensive radio, television and online advertising. Your contributions are desperately needed so we can remain competitive and beat David Price in November. Please consider a contribution today. 

      Also, on September 17th, Constitution Day, we are having our moneybomb: Please pledge $100 so we can show that we not only have massive grassroots support but also are well funded! This momentum will help us get into the spotlight yet again and show the people of the 4th that this is a very well supported campaign. 

      If you are in the district, in addition to contributing, please give Bekah, our grassroots coordinator a call @ 919.758.0257 and volunteer to walk precincts, make campaign calls, or assemble materials. 

      Thank you for everything you do. We truly appreciate and are humbled by your most generous support. .

      In liberty,

      William (B.J.) Lawson, MD
      Congressional Candidate, North Carolina's
      4th District

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