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Advocates for Self-Government offers Virginia RLC Kudos

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    Congratulations to the Virginia Republican Liberty Caucus for their World s Smallest Political Quiz-based outreach effort at the recent Virginia GOP
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2010
      Congratulations to the Virginia Republican Liberty Caucus for their World's
      Smallest Political Quiz-based outreach effort at the recent Virginia GOP
      convention. Let this be an inspiration to RLCers in other states!

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      Republican Liberty Caucus members in Virginia enjoyed a big success recently
      with an Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) booth at the huge -- over
      10,000 attendees! -- Republican Party of Virginia state convention, May 29
      to 30, in Richmond.

      "At certain points, the booth was so busy it was very hard to keep up with
      the demand," reports Aaron Biterman of the Virginia RLC. "The response to
      the booth was overwhelmingly positive."

      The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) is an organization working to promote
      the libertarian ideals of individual liberty, limited government, and free
      enterprise within the Republican Party.

      OPH is the acclaimed Advocates outreach tool that, by using the Quiz and
      other material, transforms an ordinary ho-hum political booth into a
      crowd-drawing, fun *event*.

      Read on to learn how the Virginia RLC benefited from this amazing outreach

      The 10,000-plus Virginia Republican Party members met at the Richmond
      Convention Center to select candidates and conduct other party business.

      Longtime libertarian activist Biterman says the Virginia RLC's booth,
      sponsored by RLC member Lisa Miller of Alexandria, was "a massive success,"
      with OPH supplying lots of excitement and edification for the

      Among the highlights:

      * The Virginia RLC gained a dozen new members on the spot.

      * Nearly 100 people signed up to receive email alerts from the RLC.

      * The OPH identified a large number of libertarian and libertarian-leaning
      members of the Virginia GOP. According to Biterman: "This was the first time
      the World's Smallest Political Quiz was used at Virginia GOP Convention. I
      was surprised to see how many folks who took the Quiz landed in the
      'libertarian' quadrant. There were even some delegates who joined me at
      100-100, the far top of the chart.

      * Excellent publicity for the RLC and the ideas of liberty, thanks to the
      amazing drawing power of OPH. OPH once again demonstrated its ability to
      catch eyes and draw crowds.

      * Popularity. Biterman notes, "The response to the booth was overwhelmingly

      * Professional educators were impressed, too. Biterman: "Several teachers
      commented that they would be presenting the chart to their students."

      The dots on the RLC's OPH chart (see photo) definitely shows strong interest
      in the ideas of liberty among the attendees.

      Congratulations, Virginia Republican Liberty Caucus!

      LEARN MORE: You can see photos of the Virginia Republican Liberty Caucus OPH
      booth in action, and learn more about the RLC, by visiting:

      Want this kind of OPH success and excitement for *your* organization? Learn
      more about OPH here: www.theadvocates.org/oph.html

      FREE OPH KITS for libertarian student groups! Contact us for information on
      getting your free OPH kit. Email: CampusOPH@...
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