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Lobby Against Obamacare

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  • Guy McLendon
    Everyone, I just sent a hardcopy fax to the office of all the Blue Dog Democrats using this website: www.faxyouropinion.com .
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2009



      I just sent a hardcopy fax to the office of all the Blue Dog Democrats using this website:


      … for a cost of just over $5.


      Please consider using this facility to send a message of your own.  Also, consider sending a fax to oppose the onerous Cap & Trade Energy Bill … a bill that will squash a major amount of employment inside the US , and push production of many products offshore.  This bill should be called, “Kill the USA ’s Middle Class Act of 2009” … because, that’ll be its effect.


      Best regards,



      Message to the Blue Dog Democrate:


      My name is Guy McLendon, Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Texas.  I'm also the LP Chair in Harris County, Texas, home to Houston .


      Please vote against and totally defeat the health care bill.  The horrible plan being pushed by President Obama is akin to an attempt to extinguish a raging fire by spraying it with gasoline & air.  As my recommendation for real reform, please see the LP plan that I hope you'll emulate.


      The Libertarian Party would restore a free market health care system.  Private Citizens, not government, should decide all aspects of their medical care … including what medicines, treatments and health care providers they will use.


      Detailed Proposals:

      - Repeal the law that prevents doctors & hospitals from giving discounts when you pay cash.  Cash patients don’t require all the paperwork:  they should pay less!

      - Let people control their own health care dollars, and they will shop around.  Increased competition will reduce prices.

      - Lower the cost of drugs by ending FDA regulations relevant to effectiveness.  But, keep testing requirements related only to safety.

      - Let consumers buy drugs across national borders.  US drug companies would have patent protection, but not a captive consumer base.

      - Among medical workers, change medical education and licensing laws.  Increase supply, and prices will fall.

      - To reduce the cost of health insurance, let people purchase insurance across state lines.

      - Migrate away from employer-provided health insurance.


      Government isn’t the answer to our problems.  Government is the problem.


      In my opinion, the US government is doing a grave injustice to the American people.  The chant of your Presidential candidate during 2008 should have been "The audacity of tyranny" rather than "Audacity of Hope".  There's little doubt the US populace is really getting fed up with the despotism exhibited by our members in Congress.  For my part in Houston , Texas , I'll be offering Jeffersonian Democrats & Goldwater Republicans a viable option to the two-party political duopoly.


      Thanks for your consideration,

      Guy McLendon

      PO Box 711034

      Houston, Texas 77271

      Cell 832-372-8131

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