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Fw: Launch your political career

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  • Nasir Muhammad
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2009

      Nasir Muhammad Consulting
      1444 East Gun Hill Road PMB 17
      Bronx, New York 10469-3013
      Tel#     (917) 667- 4282
      Fax# 1 (321) 260- 6121
      Nasir Muhammad

      --- On Mon, 6/22/09, Morton Blackwell <MortonBlackwell@...> wrote:

      From: Morton Blackwell <MortonBlackwell@...>
      Subject: Launch your political career
      To: nasirmuhammadconsulting@...
      Date: Monday, June 22, 2009, 7:27 PM



      You were one of the recipients of my last email that asked you for help in filling the Leadership Institute’s (LI) exciting field representative job opening.


      Let’s take America’s colleges back!  The best entry-level opportunity in the political job market pays you to do exactly that.


      Every semester, LI sends out across the country a team of motivated, highly trained field representatives.  LI field reps help conservative students break the left-wing monopoly on college campuses.


      Now, you or some other dedicated conservative you know can join LI as a full-time fall field representative and start your political career.


      The pay is generous.  The experience is priceless.


      Field reps receive $2,000 per month salary plus $2,000 per month stipend (tax free) to cover your expenses.


      Opportunities for full-time, paid jobs fighting for your beliefs do not come along very often.  Apply now—this may be the most exciting job you’ll ever have.


      Your employment with LI as a field rep is résumé gold.  Field reps use the experience and connections they gain from LI’s National Field Representative Program to launch rewarding careers in:


      ·         Grassroots activism

      ·         Campaigns for public office

      ·         Political appointments

      ·         Capitol Hill staff

      ·         Lobbying

      ·         Long-term employment with the Leadership Institute

      ·         Employment with other leading conservative organizations that help shape American politics and policy.


      To take advantage of this unique opportunity, register your profile and apply online at www.ConservativeJobs.com/FieldRep.


      Only a few spots remain.  You could be one of them.  As an LI field rep, you will travel to the campuses in your region to identify, recruit, organize, and train conservatives to win battles against the radical left on their campuses.


      LI will fly you to the Institute’s Arlington, VA, headquarters for a week of intensive training in mid August and provide you with everything you need to succeed.


      You may know of others who should join LI as field reps.  Please forward this email along to them.


      Get paid, fight the left, launch your exciting political career, and have fun doing it!


      Be aware that these positions are limited.  Time is of the essence as you make this decision for your future.




      Morton Blackwell


      Leadership Institute

      1101 North Highland Street

      Arlington, VA 22201



      P.S. Become one of the best-trained young conservative leaders in the nation through LI’s field representative program.  As an LI field rep, you can start your political career in the conservative movement on the right path.  Apply online at www.ConservativeJobs.com/FieldRep to jump-start your political career today!

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