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  • John Conway
    Feel free to make copies and have some meat and potatoes at your Tea. Party as well. What Glen Beck is doing is managing the opposition for the bankers. This
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         Feel free to make copies and have some meat and potatoes at your Tea. Party as well.  What Glen Beck is doing is managing the opposition for the bankers.  This is a feel good rally that, without this handout, will fizzle into the million man march.  They do not know that this write up is a torpedo with a war head.  This is being copied and handed out tomorrow.

      John Conway

      The truth will set you free!

          The sixteenth Amendment was not the income tax culprit.  This Amendment was passed and ratified by 3/4 of the States.  It closed a loophole in the ability of the Federal Government to collect taxes on  "Federal Dividends" or from any Federal source derived--bonds, securities etc.
      The XVI Amendment was passed only to insure that all Federally-privileged income could be taxed regardless of the source from which the income was derived.
          In the "Revenue Act of 1862 "income" became a legal term.  Income is defined as only  on Federal income  and  "income taxes."   All employees and anyone else drawing emolument (a paycheck) from the Federal Govt. paid taxes on that income.

          Confusion on the wording in this Amendment let our Government in the door with their 2% tax on the rich.  We have been losing ground ever since.
      Amendment 16
      "The Congress shall have power
      lay and collect taxes on incomes, from
      whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and
      without regard to any census or enumeration."

      Here is the supreme Court ruling on the XVI Amendment:

      The Sixteenth Amendment “Created no new Power of taxation”
      and it “Did not change the Constitutional limitation which forbid any direct
      taxation of individuals.” - Brushaven V. Union Pacific Rail Road Co., 240 U.S. 1

      The Wilson Gorman Tariff Bill (1894 had a 2% tax on anyone making four thousand dollars or more.  The supreme  Court shot it down because it was unconstitutional and would lead to a Communist threat to property.  Pollock V. Farmers Loan and Trust 1865

      Has this magically changed?  Hell no, it's Communism right out in the open!

      Unconstitutional?  Here is the anti slavery clause in our Constitutiopn:
      Article I section 8:  "No capitation , or other direct, Tax shall be laid..."

      CAPITATION, n.

      1. Numeration by the head; a numbering of persons.
      2. A tax, or imposition upon each head or person; a poll-tax. Sometimes written Capitation-tax.

            Congress cannot pass a mandatory direct tax on us.  It is denied that power.  If you want a weaker Dragon, quit feeding the thing.

        Here is how the tax we are saddled with today came into being.  There is no law to take to the supreme Court to stop this.  Only you can stop this.

      Brief Explanation of the Victory Tax

      See also: Victory Tax brocher, scans provided by Phyllis Merryman Cloyd

      Prior to World War II, no one outside the government paid income tax; the people were, and understood themselves to be, immune from that tax. During WWII, Congress passed the Victory Tax (56 Stat. 884) to impose an income tax on every individual in The United States of America, something which had not been done by any previous income tax act.  Excepted from that tax were those already paying income taxes per I.R.C. 211(a) - nonresident alien individuals with no United States business or office but living in a "contiguous country" and having income from United States sources.

      Because the Victory Tax, a wartime measure, was imposed on individuals in the states of the union (and not countries such as Canada or Mexico), those already taxed by section 211(a) had to be excepted from the Victory Tax or they would be taxed twice.  This suggests that the nonresident alien individuals living in "contiguous countries" were in fact living in states such as Virginia and Maryland - being outside the United States (District of Columbia).

      The Victory Tax was repealed by section 6 of Income Tax Act of 1944, which in amending the I.R.C. includes the states of the union in the terms "certain foreign countries" (section 6 (b)(3)) and "foreign countries and possessions of the United States" (section 6 (b)(4)).  This restored the scope of income taxation to what it had been prior to the Victory Tax, as not including individuals in the states of the union.

      The states of the union are then seen to be included in the terms "contiguous countries", "certain foreign countries" and "foreign countries and possessions of the United States".  This shows that every state of the union is foreign to the United States.  Those taxed under I.R.C. 211(a) must then be those living in a state of the union and working for government or one of its agencies - drawing income from "sources within the United States".

      But because Congress failed to make it generally known that the Victory Tax was no longer in effect, people did not know to discontinue the withholding begun for the Victory Tax.  One was then considered as being a volunteer in paying income tax.

      The scope of the I.R.C. never targeted all individuals in the union.  Only for a brief period, and under war powers, were all individuals made subject to taxation of income.  The repeal of the Victory Tax means the scope of what is taxed was restored to its original intent, and individuals in the states of the union do not have to pay taxes on their incomes.  And as the Victory Tax was the only act to have levied any such tax, the scope of taxation has never again expanded to include the whole of The United States of America.

      Slavery is fear of a superior force, and where your production isn't yours.  What does that make you today?  Two things made America great, a very limited government, and we the people being allowed to keep and control our own production.  Where do you think we're headed now?

      John Conway

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