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RLC National Convention Business Summary

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    - forward from the Secretary - RLC National Convention – March 29, National Business Summary The RLC National Convention was held in The RLC Nati, ,
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      - forward from the Secretary -

      RLC National Convention – March 29, 2009

      National Business Summary

      The RLC National Convention was held in Jacksonville , FL from March 27 to 29, 2009 at the Embassy Suites hotel.  The Convention was hosted by the RLC of Northeast Florida.  We began the National Business Session on Saturday morning with the Pledge of Allegiance and an introduction from RLC Florida Chair Mark Cross.  Parliamentarian and RLC member Louis Rose gave a helpful instructional lesson on Parliamentary Procedures and Dave Nalle, Convention Chair, provided introductory remarks to delegates.

      The Convention Business Session was called to order at 9:44pm EST.  The Treasurer gave a report.  He was asked by Sarah Lovett if his report will be made available.  He responded that it would be made available.  The Secretary reported on chapter development efforts and progress.  State reports were provided by chapter leaders in attendance, including John Orlando (MD), Jeff Palmer (NC), Norann Dillon (MN), Dan Halloran (NY), Gregg Juster (TN), and Philip Blumel (FL).

      The Bylaws discussion ensued.  Revision 1: Rule 5A passed. Revision 1: Rule C did not pass, but a change proposed by Dan Halloran did pass (1).  The delegates also chose to remove the last sentence of Revision 1: Rule C, so all state-level endorsements in chartered state affiliates are handled by the states, respectively.  Revision 2: Rule 5D passed, with an amendment proposed by Norann Dillon that stipulated 2/3 of the active and voting chartered state’s executive committees (rather than 3/4) and the RLC National Board to endorse a GOP Presidential candidate. Revision 2: Insert Article VIII, Section 3 was added to the bylaws with an amendment proposed changing the charter revocation number to 3/4 of National Board members rather than the majority vote that had been proposed.

      Revision 2: Insert Article VIII, Section 3, which was supposed to be the most controversial of the proposed bylaws changes, passed.  Sarah Lovett spoke passionately to remove the last sentence of Section I, even though it was not technically supposed to be considered by delegates because the proposed revision had not been submitted in advance of the Convention. Despite this, the delegates supported Lovett’s striking of the sentence.  With more than a 2/3 majority (75%), delegates overruled the RLC by-laws.  Therefore the last sentence of Revision 3: Article IV, Section 1 concerning Board member participation in National Board meetings was struck from the bylaws. The second to last sentence in Revision 3: Article IV, Section 1 also came up for debate when Elizabeth Campbell proposed majority vote be changed to 2/3 vote of all Board members. That amendment also passed by the 2/3 necessary to overrule the RLC by-laws.  (Again, the amendment was not technically germane because it was not proposed in advance of the Convention.)

      Nominations for RLC Officer and Board positions were taken from the floor.  Nominated were Dave Nalle, Chair; Mark Cross, Vice-Chair; Aaron Biterman, Secretary; and Bill Westmiller, Treasurer. All were supported unanimously.  Nominations for At-Large Board were considered separate from Alternate Board, as voted upon by delegates.  It was decided that At-Large Board members who did not fall into one of the top three positions would be considered for Alternate positions as well. 

      Nominated for At-Large was: Jeff Palmer, Bryan Haddock, Dan Sheill, Eric Wall, Steven Talcott Smith, John Orlando, Matthew Nye, and Stephen Wright.  Palmer received 34 votes, followed by Haddock with 31 and Sheill with 27.  Palmer, Haddock, and Sheill were elected to At-Large Board positions.  Nominated for Alternate positions was David Baumgardner, Leonard Burton, John Herr, Parke Bostrom, Matt Gagnon, Dan Rego, Steve Wright, John Orlando, Matt Nye, Steven Talcott Smith, and Eric Wall.  Wall and Smith tied for first with 36 votes and were both elected to Alternate Board positions.  Orlando and Wright tied for second with 18 votes.  Delegates decided to elect both Orlando and Wright to Alternate Board positions.

      Official business was closed at 5:13pm EST.

      - end -

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