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  • Tim Condon
    * The Free State Project s* * Second Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival* * will be held on* * Saturday, July 23, 2005, thru Sunday, July 31, 2005 *
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2005

          The Free State Project’s
          Second Annual Porcupine Freedom Festival
          will be held on
          Saturday, July 23, 2005, thru Sunday, July 31, 2005
          Rogers Campground & Motel, Lancaster, New Hampshire
      3/27/05: PORCFEST SPAM #2
          LET’S TALK!

          DO YOU SEE THAT PORCFEST 2005 LOGO up there? It is the result of an art contest the PorcFest organizers held. It was submitted by the winner, Fox Tree, and will be featured on PorcFest 2005 merchandise sold at the Gathering in July. (Incidentally, does anyone attach any significance to the direction that the Porcupine in the logo is pointing?)

      to registered FSP Participants and FSP Friends promoting PorcFest 2005. There is going to be a huge crowd of individualist freedom-lovers there, and you’ll want to be a part of it. The fliers also asked for donations. I’ve sent in $100 to help with the project. How about you? If you want to help (and I hope you will), email me and I’ll tell you where to send the $$.

      to libertarians and other liberty-lovers in various publications from now through July (that will cost money too). That advertising, besides boosting attendance at the PorcFest, will also increase the visibility of the Free State Project, and increase recruiting (we hope).

          YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT SPEAKERS, don’t you. Patience. While some speakers and seminar-leaders have been confirmed—such as LP 2004 Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik, FSP founder Dr. Jason Sorens, Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers president Ed Naile, and others, we’re still getting that straightened out. Prepare to hear that some Other Big Names will be there.

      who is also a former National Libertarian Party presidential candidate, will be speaking at the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance dinner to be held on Saturday evening, July 30, 2005. Find out about Dr. Paul’s appearance at http://www.nhliberty.org/2005_liberty_dinner. And who knows? Maybe Rep. Paul will be able to show up at the PorcFest too....

          NEXT WEEK: I’ll get down to telling you about some of the specific “happenings” planned at PorcFest 2005. You won’t want to miss the tours of different parts of the Free State, the Mt. Liberty hike, the Mock Town Meeting, the 2nd Amendment activities, the Speechifying, the Taste of the Free State, the Circle of Liberty, the Porcupine Family Discussion, the...the...well, there’s far too much to preview here. So stay tuned for the next PFS (PorcFest spam), coming out next week.   

          FURTHER NOTES:    
          1. You need to be a part of it! For all information about the PorcFest 2005, plus to find out how you and your family can take part, see www.freestateproject.org/festival. Bottom line? We need your help—every one of you—in both attending and helping to publicize the Second Annual Free State Project Porcupine Freedom Festival in the Free State.

          2. Forward this email to your own email lists. We all have lists of friends, family, and freedom-lovers we know, and they should all have the opportunity to plan on attending PorcFest 2005. So when you receive this “PorcFest spam,” pass it on!

          3. In 2004 the We’ll Be There List topped out at about 177, and over 300 people attended over the course of the 2004 PorcFest. We've got several months to go and there are already 179 on the 2005 List! (Check out all your liberty-loving friends who are already signed up at  
      http://freestateproject.org/news/festival/bethere2005.php.) You owe it to yourself to be on that list too.

          4. Here’s how to get in touch with and find out about Rogers Campground & Motel: http://www.rogerscampground.com.  They’ve got 54 motel rooms, tons of beautiful camping places, and lots of RV, van, and trailer sites, so call now and reserve yours. If you choose not to camp out or stay in the Rogers Motel at the campground (which  includes beautiful surroundings and a shower building with lots of facilities), here’s a list of possible  lodgings close by to Lancaster, for you:
      Jefferson, NH Lodging:
      Jefferson Inn: www.jeffersoninn.com
      Alpine Forest Motel (888)734-2364
      Evergreen Motel (603) 586-4449
      Lantern Motor Inn (603) 586-7151
      Skywood Manor (603) 586-4491

      Lancaster, NH Lodging:

      Lancaster Motor Inn (603) 788-4921
      Cabot Motor Inn (603)788-3346
      Coos Motor Inn (603) 788-3079
      Mountain Lake Campground (603)788-4509
      Roger's Campground/Motel (603) 788-3009
      Starr King Motel (603) 788-4771
      Olde Morse Lodge (603)788-4600

      Whitefield, NH Lodging:

      Kimball Hill Inn (603) 837-2284
      Inn at Whitefield (603) 837-2760
      Spalding Inn (603) 837-2572
      Mirror Lake Motel (603) 837-2544
      Patio Motor Court (603) 837-5515
      Mountain View Resort (603)837-0003

      Northumberland (Groveton), NH Lodging:
      Pine Tree Motel (603) 636-2479
      Village Motel (603) 636-1354
      Down Home Motel (603) 636-2898    

          5. PorcFest 2005 is going to be extraordinary. How do we  know? Because PorcFest 2004 was a stupendous success. Don’t believe me? Check it out! http://freestateproject.org/news/festival/festival04/

          6. If you have any questions, you can contact Varrin Swearingen, the “PFC” this year (“Porc Fest Czar”) at his email address of varrin@..., or me at  tim@... (813-251-2626). LOTS of other people are helping put this incredible gathering together, too many to list here. But you can join up, meet up, and help out by joining our “planning email list” at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/porcfest2005.
      (See You At The Porc Fest!)

      SUPERCHARGED SOLITONS, Chapter 2, By Tim Condon
          "It's against regs to have a liquid-filled cup next to a keyboard, Frank."
          Bennett started, then sat silently, fuming. He knew who it was. "Fuck the regulations, Arnold. It's 2:00 in the morning. The regs don't count now."
          "Sure," responded Arnold Brooley in his characteristic smug tone. "I’d bet you'd love explaining that to the oversight committee."
          Frank Bennett swung his chair slowly around and looked up at Brooley. The officious technician always seemed to be peering over someone else's shoulder, and was rarely at his own workbench laboring on fabricating electronic components for researchers like Bennett. "I don't particularly care about the oversight committee, Arnold. And you may have noticed that the committee has no jurisdiction over me. If they've got a problem, tell'em to take it to management."
          Bennett was lean and rangy, just over six feet tall. He stared pointedly up at the DRI technician. A black patch of longish hair fell over one side of his forehead. Grayish green eyes stared steadily out at Brooley, framing a squarish, clean-shaven face with a strong, straight jawline. His hair spilled down to the collar of an old military jacket, salvaged from his three-year stint in the Army. College at the university hadn't seemed very important at the time. Raising hell and chasing women did. The feelings had been reciprocated. But a bullet in the chest in the one of the Mex-Am skirmishes had made a more permanent impression on him.
          A neatly patched bullet hole left a neat, circular half-inch opening on the right front of Bennett's Army jacket, a memento of the AK-58 slug that had smashed three ribs eight years before, courtesy of a Mexican trooper’s AK-58 during his tour in the Yucatan. After the chest, ribs, and lung had been repaired, Bennett decided maybe college wasn’t such a bad idea after all. He’d re-entered college immediately upon discharge. "You can dig ditches, and get kicked around," he later told a girlfriend as they sat in her dorm room one night toking a joint of Tex-Mex blast-grass. "Or you can design the ditches and not get kicked around at all...while other people dig them."
          That was before he'd earned two magna cum laude bachelor's degrees, one in biophysics and one in applied optics. After those came a masters degree in advanced laseroptics, and suddenly Frank Bennett was a hot property, a young physicist with an insight into the intersection between biophysics and laseroptics. Now he was a still-young doctoral candidate at the University of Miami and an adjunct professor at the same school. Rumor in the UM hard science departments had it that Bennett was doing extraordinary work in heavy-app laseroptics utilizing complex biologic molecules to advance soliton pumping research.
          Bennett sat loosely in the chair, a pair of blue jeans tucked into his old plasti-leather Army boots. He still gazed steadily at Arnold Brooley, waiting for the retort he knew would come.
          "Look Bennett," said an agitated Brooley, "you may think you're some hot rod, college-boy inventor, but it's guys like me that make those ideas real. Don't forget that."
          Brooley's whining voice further irritated Bennett. Perfect for a bureaucrat at heart, he thought to himself. Brooley’s large paunch flowed over his red plastiform belt, stretching the fabric of his regulation DIA workshirt against a series of straining buttons. A tiny mustache, perfectly trimmed according to DIA regulations, decorated his upper lip, and black plastic frame glasses perched on Brooley's nose, giving him what he fancied to be a professorial look.
          "Bullshit, Arnie," Bennett replied evenly. "I can put together any of that crap. Anything that comes out of my mind I can make. DIA just supplies the materials, the workbench, and you."    
          Brooley sniffed. "That's the point, Bennett. You don't get your own workbench. I do." A hint of pride crept into the man's voice. "And you don't get materials unless DIA brass passes on them for you."
          Bennett moaned inwardly, irritated at Brooley's unsubtle emphasis on the military-sounding "brass." They both worked for a  civilian military research corporation. Turning back to the screen, he absently picked up the cup of water, tossing the last of the liquid into his mouth. "Go away, Arnie. I'm trying to get some work done without the local DIA block creep checking up on me."
          “You should watch your work habits,” whined Brooley. “The committee for this subdivision doesn't take lightly to regulation breaches." He moved closer, peering over Bennett's shoulder. "And anyway, what's so damned important that you have to sneak into the lab in the middle of the night to work in the dark?"
          Bennett’s hand slashed down on the keyboard, blanking the screen. He deliberately turned his chair around once again to stare at Brooley. "Sorry Arnie. That's classified material, and you're not on the need-to-know list." He continued looking at the man. "And the lights are off because I like working in the dark...if you don't mind. And if you don't like the lights off, report it to your security committee." His voice was rising, reflecting his irritation. "But get the hell out of here so I can get some work done!" His voice dropped. "Or I'm going to ask the optics VP to get you off my back."
          Brooley's jaw dropped involuntarily. He stepped back fearfully. The only thing that scares a bureaucrat, Bennett reflected, is a bigger bureaucrat. And Elroy Compton, the DIA vice president in charge of optics research, was as big as they come. On the other hand, Bennett reflected, Compton wasn't into stifling new lines of investigation, no matter how outlandish they might seem to others. He was interested in only one thing: results. And Bennett was thankful for it.
          Elroy Compton also played a pretty good hand of poker, as Bennett knew from playing with him at some Friday night card games. But Brooley didn’t have to know about that; all he knew was that Bennett was under the protective wing of a powerful DIA vp.
          "I don't give a damn if you are Compton's pet inventor, Bennett,” sneered Brooley. “Regs are made to be obeyed, and you'd better start thinking about that." Brooley beat a hasty retreat, slamming through the lab door and out into the hallway, but not before flipping on the entire bank of lights in the room as he went out the door, throwing the area once again into a blazing fluorescent glare.
          Bennett sighed, squinting his eyes. The hell with it, he thought. In order to have access to the big Biolex supercomputer and other resources available at DIA, he could put up with the likes of Brooley.
          Some of the clubby academics at the university frowned on Bennett working at military research. He frowned back at them. In fact, he believed in what he was doing. One day, he reflected, his field of biologic laseroptics might even help set the world free from the some of the more vicious socialist tyrannies that seemed to be consolidating their power throughout the world. It didn’t occur to him—not at that point, at least—that America was becoming just what he abhorred...except for the Free State Project people in New Hampshire, of course.
          Bennett wandered over to the doorway and turned the lights out again. Returning to his computer console, he unblanked the screen,  then surveyed it. The rows and columns of numbers and symbols beckoned...and his eyes widened once again at what he saw.
          "Holy shit," he breathed again.
          He quickly tapped a series of commands into the waiting computer, then reached across the machine to flip on a printer. Instantly wide-band paper began extruding from the printer as information began to pour out of the computer. Bennett watched the printing progress for a moment, then turned to a nearby telephone. Picking up the receiver, he punched in a series of numbers, including his personal identification code which he knew would be checked by the security desk before the call was allowed out. He paused, waiting, then heard the satisfying buzzing on the other end. A sleepy voice answered with a muffled, throaty sound. He knew she would be naked in bed, waiting for him to come home. He stirred at the thought of his beautiful wife, Linda.
          "Mmfff...herrow?" came the music of Linda Bennett’s voice.
          (to be continued)
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