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Re: Bill of Rights

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    Posted by: Sarah Lovett ... Of course not. I simply stated that I didn t understand the point ... and that this eGroup wasn t the proper forum for
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 20, 2009
      Posted by: "Sarah Lovett"
      > I am sure Bill meant no offense.<
      Of course not. I simply stated that I didn't understand the point ... and that this eGroup wasn't the proper forum for discussion. However, Mr. Conway regularly copies lengthy diatribes from other sources to RLC eGroups, with no apparent intention of discussing their merits. More often than not, it's "preaching to the choir". I've encouraged him to participate locally or post to other eGroups. If he takes personal offense at those suggestions, or isn't willing to discuss his own posts, I'm disappointed.

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