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  • John Conway
    Here we sit scratching our heads trying to make sense of what is going on around us. Here is the truth of it all: This is our house, we live here. We have
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2009
          Here we sit scratching our heads trying to make sense of what is going on around us.  Here is the truth of it all:

          This is our house, we live here.  We have been broken into and robbed of everything of value we ever worked for.  Our gold is gone.  There is nothing in Ft. Knox.  There is no gold in the basement of the Bank of New York.  If there is, show it to us.  It has been taken to Europe.  Our silver is gone as well.  Every resource we ever had did not go to the people, but to increase the wealth of international bankers.  Like any good pickpocket, they have kept us distracted with one conflict after another while they have practiced their craft.
          We know who did this.  It is, not was, the round Table of England along with the Rothschilds and Warbergs.  Throw in a few American families like Rockefeller and we have to form a posse and chase them down.  When robbery gets this big, it's called Plunder.  Our republic has been plundered.
          What does a criminal do if you have seen their face?  They kill you lest there is retribution.  In this case, they have to kill our whole country off lest we have the resources to go get them.
          They have harvested us 37 times with recessions since 1933.  We have suffered two devastating depressions since our inception in 1787.  We goofed up, we weren't sophisticated enough to keep from being robbed by these reprobates.  Did I say harvested?  They think of us a free range livestock.  Their arrogance is beyond the pale.
          Does anyone want to refute what I say here?  Show me the money!  I can show you how even the local governments are in on the plunder.  Your County and State governments are in on the plunder. 
          lets get real, start demanding to see the gold in Ft. Sumpter.  Start demanding to see our silver.  Start demanding to see all the money in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports along with the accounts removed by the "Federal Accounting procedure #32" after they were discovered in 2002.    You will find these reports at your Clerks office.  (At last count in 2003,totals in the quaddrillions of dollars)
          Start yelling!  Whatever your group is focusing on now, good.  Do this as well!  This is where the rubber meets the road.  Are you afraid of what you will find when you make this government get real? 

      Citizen Conway

      P.S.  Congress only had the power to coin money.  How did it turn that into hoarding gold?

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