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Are we a band of Brothers?

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  • sarah lovett
    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Liberty, When I think of Band of Brothers , immediately I envision a group of men all in an equal line, all dressed in gear,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2008
      Dear Brothers and Sisters in Liberty,
      When I think of "Band of Brothers", immediately I envision a group of men all in an equal line, all dressed in gear, their face weary, their bodies tired but in a line none the less, a line no matter how few or how long, a line of men that is impenetrable.  More importantly is how I feel when I hear or merely read the words "Band of Brothers".  It is almost without conscience my breath is halted, my back becomes straighter, my chest more pronounced, my mind more clear because I know with every ounce of my being that I share with these men a belief, a passion and a duty.
      I often think of the people I currently know, of their strengths, their weakness and many with their same devotion and passion to the cause of liberty.  I am often humbled and proud to know such people.  I think of you often as my brothers and sisters in liberty.  I see your tired faces, I feel your fear, I know your confusion; your frustration, your apathy.   You have given much in the way of loyalty only to be fooled, you have given much in strife and labor only to be stolen from, you have given unquestionably and without reservation a belief in our government and constitution, a belief in what is righteous and good only too be betrayed.
      The table at which liberty resides is sparse, as the guests are ones already full of acclimation. It is time to bring sovereignty back to the table, it is time to ensure the dinner conversation is about the meat and not the dessert.  It is time that to ensure sovereignty is the main course and that we are no longer fed the scraps.
      We must participate or we merely acclimate. We must have a seat at the table!
      So I ask, "Are we a Band of Brothers?"  The "band of brothers" that are there to pick it up, piece by piece as it crumbles. The "band of brothers" that stand close with the crutch of sovereignty, to prop up our ailing institutions. The "band of brothers" ready and willing to infiltrate and fill the holes of our bleeding wounds.
      Are we the Band of Brothers?
      I say, "Yes. We are the Band of Brothers!" and I am asking you today, to join me, to band together, to march with me so that we may have a stage on which to ensure our voices are once again heard.  It is time for the farmers to come from the fields, it is a time for selflessness, it is time to step off the plantation; it is time to take a seat at the table.  Our invitation has arrived, we just need to ensure the good people RSVP.  We must have a seat at the table!
      Dear brothers and sisters in liberty, I need your help.  There have been some extremely positive developments in my run for District 14.  The impossible now seems within reach, yet there is still much work to do in the next 20 days.  I need each of you to please give what you can...we must raise $4,000 in 4 days to accomplish this task.  I know many of you have given so much, but I am asking you to have faith, to believe that where there is hope great things are accomplished...I am asking you to dig just a bit deeper and forge our path to Tallahassee.  I am asking for your treasure.
      If there is nothing there to give in way of treasure, I am asking that you give your time.  There are phone calls to be made, signs to be placed, doors to be knocked on....there are many many ways you can help send our message to Tallahassee.  I am asking for your time.
      So I ask again,  "Are we a Band of Brothers?"   Your donation today says "YES", your donation today says we are here to take it back, your donation today says we WILL have a seat at the table! 
      Your Sister in Liberty,
      Sarah Lovett 
      Candidate for State House of Representatives, District 14
      Please distribute this email to all of our liberty loving friends!
      -"And for the support of this Declaration, with firm Reliance on the Protection of the divine Providence,
      we mutually Pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor."  p- Last line of the Declaration of Independence.
      (Just in Case: Pd. Pol. Adv. App. by Sarah Lovett ( R ) St. Hse. Rep. Dist. 14)

      One Legislator could be the deciding vote on....
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