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Severing Computer ties with the RLC

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  • Carl Svensson
    Good Morning Norma, I just got the news this morning of your severing computer
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2008
      <Note: Norma Segal is the Chair of the RLCNY, and its most "notable" member.>
      Good Morning Norma,
      I just got the news this morning of your severing "computer ties" with the RLC, and indirectly, criticizing my "outreach" activities. 
      First, let me say, I am very sad to see you cutting your computer ties with us at this time, but I am hopeful, after further reflection,  that you will rejoin us in the not to distant
      future.  I certainly hope so.
      Second, I am just a bit confused with your statement: "Too much LP outreach, too little RLCNY participation in the events of local Republican organizations, being on the
      the absolutely wrong side of our war for our survival against Islamic totalitarism".  Does this apply to me, the RLCNY, the RLC, or two or more of "us".  Let's try to examine
      each of these suppositions:""
       "Being on the absolutely wrong side of our war against Islamic totalitarianism".
          a.  There is absolutely no way that this can apply to me,  and if it is directed at me, I would appreciate knowing how you came to this fallacious conclusion.
          b.   There is absolutely no way that this can apply to the RLCNY.  As an organization, we have never  taken a position on the "war(s)" at all.  Indeed, it has always been my position
                that we concentrate on  state affairs since on foreign policy there are differences within the libertarian movement (and the larger " limited government" movement too). I do not believe
                that any of our State Board members are on the wrong side, and if that is the implication, <I do not believe it is>, I believe that you owe them an explanation.
          c.   The RLC?  I honestly have been so immersed in attempting to establish a viable RLCNY that I  am embarrassed to say that I really do not follow  closely what occurs at the 'National' level.
                I am  doubtful, knowing Bill Westmiller's "style", that 'National' is "absolutely" on the "wrong side".  If  you know something that I do not know, I would like to know. 
          2.   " Too little RLCNY participation in the events of  local Republican organizations".
                The RLC, and by extension, the RLCNY were never designed to participate in local Republican organizations;  its MEMBERS are strongly encouraged to do so.
                Frankly, I do not know what most of our members are doing in this regard, but I suspect that it is more than what you may think. You know who are the members in
               Westchester, and I believe that a  large percentage are engaged as members of local Republican town or city committees,  have run as candidates, are leaders of Republican
               organizations (i.e., LCR), have  contributed financially to campaigns, or worked in  them.  I know that I  have. 
                I really think that your "criticism" here is that there are not more of "us".  Am I right?          
      3.      "Too much LP outreach" (and I know that this also means to much "outreach" to the Ron Paul "people"  too).
               I know that this pertains only to me, and I can certainly be criticized for this policy; it rubs some folks the wrong way.
              Since you sent you "post" far and wide, I feel that I must give some of our readers in other states, and even here,  some background about the NYS political scene.
              1.  There is no Libertarian Party in NYS; it does not have "recognition" as a political party under NYS Election Law since it has not produced the vote total
                   required to qualify  (50,000 for their gubernatorial candidate.).
              2.  The LPNY, which runs candidates under the banner of the Libertarian Party, is a political club similar too the RLCNY with a dues requirement. It is a "Independent
                   Nominating Body" under NYS Election Law when it fields candidates.
              3.  You can now "enroll" as a Libertarian under the NYS Election Law, and there are just over 1000 individuals state-wide who have done so.  These folks, with  relatively
                   few exceptions, are not members of the LPNY since they have not "joined, and paid their dues.  Indeed, I suspect that most of these folks have little, if anything to
                   do with the LPNY, and actually consider themselves "libertarians".  On a somewhat similar note, we do have a "recognized" political party here, the Independence
                   Party, and polls have shown that large numbers do not even realize that they belong to this "Party" -- they consider themselves  "independent voters", and do not
                   realize that they have enrolled in the Independence Party.
            4.   A large percentage of LPNY members are enrolled Republicans, including much of the leadership.  This is obviously an intelligent decision since they can vote in the
                 Republican Party primary (or in some cases the Conservative and Independence primaries) -- there is know such thing as a "Libertarian Party" primary in NYS.
            5.  A significant number of LPNY folks, including elements of the leadership, do not want to be a recognized political party since they would, or could, lose "control".
            7.  KEY FACTS. 
                 a.   NYS permits "fusion" or "coalition" tickets where candidates can run under the banner of more that one political party, and that includes presidential
                 candidates. <I would encourage RLC and LP folks in other states to support similar legislation in their states>.
                 b.   Bill Schmidt, an RLCNY member,  was the first candidate to run on the  "lines" of the  Republican, Independence, Conservative, and  Libertarian Parties. 
                      He lost his bid to win election narrowly as the Mayor of the City of Peekskill (52%-48%) in 2007 (a city trending strongly Democrat with a significant number
                      of 'minority' voters) probably due to some adverse publicity from an outside force - a developer threatening to desert the city if his Democratic rival was
                      elected to office. If he had won, the subsequent publicity would probably strongly encouraged similar ""pro-freedom" coalitions, and put the NYS Libertarian
                      Party on the 'map".
                 c.   There are more than 1.4 million more Democrats than Republicans in NYS, and for 'limited government forces" to WIN, we are going to have  to forge multi-party
                       coalitions in most races.  <I have come to  believe that one of the most  important functions of the RLCNY is to facilitate the establishment of such coalitions>.
            8. Many RLC people were once actively involved, or at least belonged to the LPNY.  <Norma Segal was by far the most successful LPNY  politician in NYS history;
               she garnered  more than 117,000 votes when  running  for the US Senate in 1992.  Some folks NOW are members of both the RLCNY and LPNY.
             So how do you build an effective RLC state affiliate from scratch, pretty much by yourself, and as quickly as possible?   What if you had little, if any organization
             skills, and were handicapped by the lack of all but the most basic of techncial skills.  How would you do it Norma?
             The best prospects would be the 10,000+ former LPNY "associates" who had deserted the LPNY after discovering that the LPNY was not a viable mechanism to win
             elections.  Folks like you and me.  Unfortunately, LP 'rules" cut off any propects of acquiring this information (at least at this time).
             "We" did have a 'dated' list of "prospects from 'National' which to a large degree was too 'stale', but it did allow us to identify some exceptional prospects that became
             our first members.  Time showed that about 50% of this first list were current or former LPNY members or associates, and 'time" also allowed me to identify folks on
             this list who were, to say the least, "outside of the mainstream".
             Over the last two years, we have identified thousands of additional prospects, or "found" prospects from our initial prospect list. In addition, and just as important, or
             indeed more important, we have "found" younger, "smarter" libertarians who are ready to become the new leaders of the RLCNY. 
            I must confess that I have sought prospects outside of the LP 'orbit" and outside the RP "orbit" too.  Conservatives, and some Independence people have been on "our' radar,
            and some of these folks are stepping forward along with our fellow Republicans. 
            I should add that many of our prospects are not RLCNY 'material', and that I would not,  and do not, encourage them to join the RLCNY, as I would not, for example,
           "join" the NY Constitution Party or the John Birch Society. Such entanglements, I fear, would undermine the possibility of achieving "workable" coalitions.    
           I believe that we have accomplished, at least I hope we have, something else.  A "working relationship" with elements of the LPNY including the realization that to be
           victorious we must achieve working coalitions around individual candidates.  We are entering unchartered waters, and there are bound to be frustrating times ahead,
           but I am fairly confident that  if our young people step forward to take the reins, and our "old hands" do not desert the ship, that we can compete against our Democratic
           adversaries on fairly even terms. Conversely, if the young do not step forward, and our "old hands" desert the ship, I fear for the future of our Republic.
           Yours in Freedom,
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