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RNC Volunteer Deployment Opportunities

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    Officers, Distribute as you think appropriate. Bill ... _HPruett@rnchq.org_ (mailto:HPruett@rnchq.org) writes: Hi Mr. Westmiller, We are reaching out to RNC
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          Distribute as you think appropriate.
      HPruett@... writes:

      Hi Mr. Westmiller,

      We are reaching out to RNC affiliated groups to see if you or your group’s members would be interested in a volunteer opportunity we have coming up soon. I’ve included more information in this email. If anyone from Republican Liberty Caucus does decide to participate, it would be as individuals and not as members of your group. Please note that the deadline to apply is midnight on September 30th.


      Let me know if you have any questions.



      Hayden Pruett

      Republican National Committee





      For those who are ready, willing and able to pack a suitcase and hit the road for voter turnout in a target state, Volunteer Deployment is for you!


      We are sending Victory Marshals and Victory 5-Day Volunteers to states all over the country to assist existing Victory operations in their final days/weeks of voter contact.  Travel & housing arrangements are provided, as well as a per diem (for approved travelers).  Here’s a little more information on the programs, and you may also click on this link for a list of FAQs:


      WHO SHOULD APPLY?           


      Victory Marshals:

                      This program is for those who are comfortable working independently, managing a local office and recruiting new volunteers.  Additionally, our Victory Marshals must be familiar with the new political technologies we are using in the field.  Ideally, they will have campaign experience, or have participated in Deployment in recent years and be familiar with our turnout operations.  The requirements are a two-week commitment (October 22nd through November 5th), as well as one training session prior to departure. 


      Victory 5-Day Volunteers:

                      This program is for all of you that are able to give the last week before Election Day to make turnout phone calls and go door-to-door in one of our top battleground states.  You’ll work all day (and night) long with a group of friends (some new, some old) to turn out voters for our candidates on Election Day.   The departure day is Friday, October 31 (morning or evening) and you’ll return home on Wednesday, November 5.



                      All those interested must apply online at www.gop.com/deployment, and choose the Victory Marshal or the Victory 5-Day Volunteer application.



                      If you are not permitted to access this site from your work computer, the RNC will be hosting an open-house every day (8 am – 8 pm) from Monday, September 22 through Saturday, September 27.  You can stop by before work, during lunch or after work and apply on the spot using our secure online application.



                      We are accepting applications until midnight on Tuesday, September 30th.



                      By Friday, October 3rd, we’ll be calling/emailing all of our volunteers with their state assignments and next steps.


      If you are interested in putting together a small group or team of volunteers, please contact Maggie Boyd at MBoyd@...

      If you have any other questions, please call the RNC Political Division at (202) 863-8600.  Thanks!





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      310 First Street SE , Washington , D.C. 20003 -  (202) 863-8500 - www.gop.com

      Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.



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