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RLC National Board Summary

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    The RLC National Board met in teleconference last night and took several actions. John Reed s resignation as Vice Chairman was accepted with regrets and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2005
          The RLC National Board met in teleconference last night
      and took several actions.
          John Reed's resignation as Vice Chairman was accepted
      with regrets and appreciation for his long service and efforts
      in support of RLC State Chapter development and activities
      of the Texas RLC. We wish him well in his continued efforts
      on behalf of the Texas organization.
          In the absence of any Board member interested in the
      position, we will be soliciting the general membership for
      a candidate to serve as Acting Vice Chairman until the
      Bylaws qualifications are met.
          The Board also approved formal notice to Alan Turin
      that he will be removed from the office of Treasurer in the
      absence of his resignation. A replacement will be selected
      from among candidates at the March 9th meeting of the
          The Chairman reported on the fundraising efforts of
      Lonnie Brantley, current RLC accounts, and a pending
      solicitation to the Reason Foundation contributors.
          The Board formally approved the application of the
      New Hampshire RLC for an official state Charter, offered
      commendations to Rep. David Shafer for his efforts in
      the development of a Georgia legislative Liberty Caucus
      and decided that a state competition for membership
      growth will not have a fixed reward. The state with the
      largest percentage growth during the coming year will
      be "given preference" to host the 2006 RLC National
          Jon Boguth of Michigan was appointed as the new
      RLC Campus Coordinator. Jon managed the Leon
      Drolet campaign and has extensive contacts among
      College Republicans and other campus organizations.
      He attends the University of Michigan. Students and
      professors can contact Jon at boguth@....
          Phil Blumel reported on the planned join effort with
      Freedomworks for a John Stossel event on March 29th
      in Florida. Visit www.rlcfl.org for details.
          The Board approved RLC membership in a new
      "Liberty Coalition" being organized by RLC member
      Michael Ostrolenk, with many other organizations who
      support the Bill of Rights. The initial project for the
      group is opposing HR418, the National ID Bill. For
      details on that effort, visit:
          The Board also discussed brochure printing, the
      production of a national newsletter, the Draft Sanford
      website, new RLC website hosting, and state eGroups.
          Jeff Katz, RLC Media Director, will be promoting
      the RLC during his promotional tour of six cities in
      light of his new talk radio host position at KNEW in
      San Francisco. He had been provided with several
      hundred RLC brochures for distribution.
          Chairman Westmiller will be addressing a meeting
      of the Log Cabin Republicans in Los Angeles at their
      regular April 25th meeting.
          In a previous email ballot, the Board had approved:
         1. Authorization of up to $25/month for ISP services
      at the discretion of Secretary Sewell;
         2. Endorsed the re-election of Mark Sanford as SC
      Governor in 2006;
         3. Adopted a resolution urging RLC members and
      Chartered States to support the nomination of Mark
      Sanford for President of the United States.
         4. Authorized the expenditure of funds for Draft
      Sanford URLs and authorized a Draft Sanford website.
         5. Appointed Phil Blumel of Florida as an Alternate
      Member of the RLC National Board of Directors.
         6. Authorized reimbursement of travel expenses
      for Tim Condon in promoting RLC-NH Chartering.
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