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RLC National Board Quick Summary

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    The National Board held a teleconference Monday and approved several items: National Officers - In lieu of convention elections and only for the interim term
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 12, 2008
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          The National Board held a teleconference Monday and
      approved several items:
          National Officers - In lieu of convention elections and
      only for the interim term until the next convention, the
      National Board will fill vacancies at an open telecon on
      September 8th. Any national or state officer may make
      a nomination of any current member for any office. I'll
      be posting a more detailed list shortly.
          National Convention - The Chairman will be soliciting
      organizers for a March 2009 NetCon, with the objective
      of having four or more "mini-sites" around the country
      who will be connected by video conferencing. Any state
      or member who is willing to learn the conferencing
      software and/or MC a video link in their state should
      contact the Chairman promptly. Details to follow.
          Special Convention - We will be planning a special
      convention concurrent with FreedomFest in Las Vegas
      in early July. National Board members and state officers
      are invited to participate in the meeting (members will
      also be welcome) for "non-convention" discussions of
      strategy and coordination. We will have a booth and
      hope to improve our visibility, in cooperation with the
      organizer, RLC Advisor Mark Skousen.
          Candidate Nominations - The Board approved a
      dozen or more candidates for endorsement and put
      off several others (pending consultation and review).
      The list will be posted to the website shortly. We
      also withdrew two prior endorsements on the advice
      of state organizers.
          Thanks to the several state chairs and coordinators
      who participated in the teleconference.
      Bill Westmiller
      RLC National Chairman

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