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RE: [RLC-Action] Re: RLC NatCon08 Cancellation

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  • George Blumel
    As one who attended Freedom Fest a couple of weeks ago, I can see how easily the RLC fits in. In fact, I would think that some RLC speakers could be included
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 10 11:27 AM

      As one who attended Freedom Fest a couple of weeks ago, I can see how easily the RLC fits in. In fact, I would think that some RLC speakers could be included in the Freedom Fest agenda –at least on some of the panels of which there were dozens.  BTW, the RLC had a booth at the event.  With group rates at the hotel (under $100 at Ballys) and reasonable cost to attend the Fest ($595), my wife and I spent about $1000 plus airfare, but not counting a show or gambling.  Next year’s event will also be at Ballys July 9-11, 2009.  See the website for more

      http://www.freedomfest.com/   -Geo.


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      In a sense I am relieved. For one thing, the explosion of expense in
      getting to Detroit would have made this a pretty costly adventure for
      all of us, particularly those who are also attending the GOP national
      convention and/or the Campaign for Liberty mini-convention.

      As our by-laws require a convention this year or next, I would highly
      recommend one of these two alternatives:

      1) Holding our convention in conjunction with the 2009 FreedomFest in
      Las Vegas , where flights and lodging are inexpensive and all the
      entertainment and social events will be provided for us without any
      effort on our part. All we would need is an onsite or nearby location
      for our business meetings. I point out that FreedomFest organizer
      Mark Skousen is an RLC member and contributor going way back.

      2) Hold a face-to-face excom meeting in Minneapolis concurrent with
      the GOP national convention and the Campaign for Liberty convention.
      If the meeting is open to the membership, would this qualify as a
      convention? I know for a fact a lot of RLCers will be there for both
      of these events and we can coordinate efforts at each to promote the


      -- Philip Blumel

      --- In RLC-Action@yahoogro ups.com, westmiller@. .. wrote:

      > Officers,
      > Due to circumstances beyond our control, the National
      > Board has decided to cancel the Detroit RLC Convention
      > scheduled for September.
      > Competing events, speaker schedule changes, travel
      > impediments, and a small number of advance reservations
      > required that we terminate our contact with the hotel, rather
      > than incur extreme financial penalties that we could not
      > afford.
      > The Board will be reviewing alternatives at the regular
      > second Monday teleconference, which officers are welcome
      > to attend. We will be discussing a postponement to spring
      > 2009 and several format possibilities. On-line registration
      > has been disabled and members who had already paid
      > will be offered a refund or some alternative incentive.
      > This development is a disappointment for me and all
      > the other Directors, but we hope to offer an exciting and
      > novel event for next year.
      > Bill Westmiller
      > RLC National Chairman
      > ============ ========= ========= ========= ==
      > RLC National Board Teleconference
      > Date: Monday, August 11th, 2008
      > Time: 6:30pm PST * 7:30pm MST * 8:30pm CST * 9:30pm EST
      > Dial-In Number: 1-712-580-1100 ( Spencer ,
      IA )
      > Participant Access Code: 041111
      > ************ ********* ********* *********
      > Agenda:
      > 1. Officer Reports / Compensation
      > 2. Convention Status and Plans
      > 3. Candidate Review
      > 4. Charter Apps/Coordinator Changes

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