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FW: Your free speech still under attack

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  • Steven J Burden
    RLC ers: Many of you have already been supporting the Broadcaster Freedom Act (H.R. 2905), and many probably have signed the MRC petition. If you haven t
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2008

      Many of you have already been supporting the "Broadcaster Freedom Act" (H.R.
      2905), and many probably have signed the MRC petition. If you haven't please
      do so. Please read the email, below, and take ACTION!


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      Subject: Your free speech still under attack

      Douglas C. Mills
      Executive Vice President
      Media Research Center


      Just last week I shared with you how more than 100,000 of your petitions
      opposing the Fairness Doctrine were delivered to key Congressional offices
      including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

      In total, more than 135,000 concerned Americans have signed the petition
      demanding Radio Independence now and for generations to come.

      Steven, I'm still stunned that Speaker Pelosi admitted that she wanted to
      revive the "Fairness Doctrine"-- essentially saying that she supports
      government censorship of free speech!

      Almost as egregious is Congressional leadership's continued refusal to allow
      the Broadcaster Freedom Act to be brought to the floor of the House for an
      up-or-down vote.

      They don't want any bill that would permanently ban the "Fairness Doctrine"
      to see the light of day.

      If we want to forever end the threat of the "Fairness Doctrine", it is up to
      us to continue increasing pressure until the Broadcaster Freedom Act is
      brought to the floor for an up or down vote.

      All members of Congress must be tasked to go on record as to whether or not
      they support freedom of speech on the airwaves.

      Here's how you can make an impact on this critical issue over the next few

      +Action Item #1--Call Nancy Pelosi's office

      Speaker Pelosi has made her intentions clear. Now it's our turn.

      Take a few moments to call her office asking her to bring the "Broadcaster
      Freedom Act" (H.R. 2905) to the floor for an up-or-down vote.

      Here is her contact information: 202/225-4965

      ++ 200,000 Petitions Needed in 7 Days

      Steven, in addition to your calls, we want to deliver even more petitions as
      soon as we surpass the 200,000 mark.

      We need your help to rally an additional 65,000 citizen signers!

      Please forward this important message to 20-30 friends urging them to sign
      our petition by clicking here:


      Just days ago, our team rallied nearly 40,000 signers in just a matter of
      hours! I believe we can realize a similar response as citizens are made
      aware of what we stand to lose if the "Fairness Doctrine" is revived!

      Steven, given the fact that Congress adjourns at the end of July for a month
      long recess and when they return in the fall their primary focus will be on
      re-election, it is essential that we move quickly to bring the Broadcaster
      Freedom Act to the floor.

      Please forward this message immediately, and continue doing so until we
      reach our goal!

      Thank you for standing with the MRC Action Team to protect our right to free

      Douglas C. Mills
      Executive Vice President
      Media Research Center

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