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Re: [RLC-Action] Potential for collaboration?

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  • John Conway
    I have a candidate we can all get behind. It is Mike Eyes for Sheriff of Citrus County. He is one of us. I have interviewed him and find him to be genuine.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 23, 2008

          I have a candidate we can all get behind.  It is Mike Eyes for Sheriff of Citrus County.  He is one of us.  I have interviewed him and find him to be genuine. 

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      Subject: [RLC-Action] Potential for collaboration?

      Anyone at National taking note of the following? Potential for collaboration? Seems like a good place to look for updates to our own purposes. Perhaps each state caucus could do the work of vetting all the candidates that appear on the Restore the Republic list and then get back to National.

      Doug Harrison


      Freedom Candidates let us know who you are!

      Whoa! The response has been overwhelming! I have been flooded
      with responses from activists and Candidates who want to
      participate and also folks who have asked for clarification.
      So let me apologize for the hasty request which caused some

      The intent of the request is to create, for posting on the RtR
      web site, and in Republic Magazine, a State by State listing of
      Ron Paul Platform, Lovers of the Constitution, Freedom Candidates,
      running for any level seat; whether School Board, Mayor, City
      Council, County, State, or Federal. We want to know you're there
      so we can tell others to vote for you, help you, and support your

      The Activist element is alive and well, and you want to know who
      you might be able to help in your local races. This piggybacks
      on Dr. Paul's message earlier in the week. We can't support good
      Candidates if their candidacies are a secret and we don't know
      where they are. Right?

      Since last week's email blast, our activists have TOTALLY
      overwhelmed me with requests to know who is running in their

      THIS IS the year for Freedom! I've also received many emails
      from around the Country, from Candidates running for office.
      That's Great news!

      So to clarify the request: If you are a Candidate, or know a
      Candidate running on the Ron Paul Freedom Message, no matter
      what level seat is being sought, you may go to the link below
      and submit your information. We will organize it according to
      State, and put it out there for your supporters to see.

      http://www.restoret herepublic. com/component/ option,com_ wrapper/Itemid, 116/

      First, you MUST HAVE FILED. If you're still thinking about
      running, we won't include your information. You MUST HAVE
      FILED, and officially be a Candidate.

      The DEADLINE for submission of your information is JUNE 27th.
      We need to have time to organize the info and get it posted so
      anyone wanting to help can jump in there and get the job done
      before election time.

      Campaigning is a long, hard, lonely road. We appreciate you and
      your commitment. That's why we want to know you're out there and
      want to support your efforts. Thanks again for your interest,
      and I'm eager for your response.

      Ilona Urban, Blakeley

      RTR/AFTF SC Volunteer Coordinator

      Press Secretary to the Late Aaron Russo, In Grateful Remembrance

      864-253-0330 (land line)

      864-329-6042 (mobile)

      http://www.restoret herepublic. com/component/ option,com_ wrapper/Itemid, 116/

      RestoreTheRepublic. com, 3149 Dundee Rd #176, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, USA

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