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RE: [RLC-Action] Support McCain?!?!

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  • George Blumel
    The answer for any of us is that we work for the candidates that best represent our values and I would add that we do so in proportion to how close they come
    Message 1 of 56 , Jun 16, 2008

      The answer for any of us is that we work for the candidates that best represent our values and I would add that we do so in proportion to how close they come to our values. I would simply ignore a pro-abortion Republican candidate that wants to tax me to pay for abortions and I would spend my time and money on the ones who do represent my views and values. In our present dilemma where our presidential candidate is so disappointing on some of our basic issues (like embracing the global warming hoax and all that implies) given the alternative and the ramifications for our country and our posterity, we have to rely on many in the party who surround him to keep him from doing the worst.  McCain puts the country on the wrong road; Obama takes us over the cliff. We can recover from McCain.  –Geo.


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      Let me see if I can ask David's question in a different way.  I believe
      his question is important, because this problem is not just about the
      party's candidate for president.

      Let's assume a local Republican candidate for the state senate is an out
      spoken prochoice advocate, who has stated that he wants to increase state
      funding for abortions and you are very prolife.  This candidate's name will be
      placed on all the slates. His people will be at all the meetings, asking for
      support and the chairman of the local committee has clearly stated that he
      expects everyone on the committee to support and work for the entire slate.

      What options, other than stepping down from your position on the
      committee, are open to you?

      PS - I understand that most Republican platforms contain prolife statements.
      However, there are many things in the current platform statements that are
      being ignored by many candidates, so this isn't that far fetched.

    • George Blumel
      The five points that Guy has given us below is the every essence of what I saw as the purpose and strategy for a Republican Liberty Caucus. It is the reason I
      Message 56 of 56 , Jun 25, 2008

        The five points that Guy has given us below is the every essence of what I saw as the purpose and strategy for a Republican Liberty Caucus.  It is the reason I wholeheartedly joined and support the RLC.  None of us can be happy with McCain but that should not be the reason (excuse?) for not working as Guy suggests.  We’ve learned from the self-defeating antics of the LP and now have to guard against repeating any of them if we are to be more successful in achieving libertarian ends.   –Geo. 


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        You're all over it George.  Maybe some want to risk the damage that Obama could do in 4 or 8 years in the White House with a Dem congress behind him, I'm not one of them.  Nor do I agree with the lambasting McCain is taking from these quarters.


        I think we should have a simple formula for activism in the RLC:


        1. Work at the local level to identify and support libertarian minded Republicans.
        2. Work at the local level to attract more to our movement by learning to be better advocates.
        3. Support change within the GOP at all levels working within the party.
        4. Remember that we are Republicans.  At the end of the day we need to support libertarian Republicans and be advocates of change to those who may not be in lock step with our ideals while remembering that we are all Republicans and share much more in common than we have differences.
        5. As liberty minded individuals recognize that we all have different ideals and resist submitting people to a libertarian purity test at every juncture.





        On Jun 18, 2008, at 9:39 AM, George Blumel wrote:


        Listen to Dave –he’s realistic, practical and reasonable in these arguments. None of us would have picked McCain but here we are. Now, we have to do what is best for the country, our Republic.  Dave says we can move McCain toward our principles and that is obviously true but, of course, Obama is left all the way.  Taxes, spending, defense and what about judges? You have to support McCain and try to influence him and those around him –that is our job, our purpose, to bring others to the understanding of our natural rights, freedom and responsibility.  Dave’s idea of the presentation of a liberty agenda is exactly what the RLC’s mission is. Am I right? Or, am I right? -Geo


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        >>Based on this, I don't think it is a stretch to call McCain or the 
        Neo Cons a bunch of Fascist. <<

        'This' being a textbook description of Fascism which doesn't even bear a 
        superficial resemblance to anything McCain has ever endorsed and bears 
        only limited resemblance to Neocon policy. If you can read the 
        definition you posted and think that it applies then you
        are existing in a state of altered reality and I can't do much to help you.

        >>And as we are part of a 
        w:st="on"> Liberty caucus, I don't see a problem with 
        having, and sticking to ideals. The big difference is that some of us 
        don't believe McCain will be better then Obama, or the difference is so 
        slight it isn't worth compromising our principles.< <

        How anyone can even say this is beyond me. McCain wants to lower taxes. 
        Obama wants to raise them. McCain wants to shrink the welfare state, 
        including corporate welfare and farm subsidies. Obama wants to expand 
        it. If it were those two issues alone there would be no justification 
        for not supporting McCain over Obama.

        >>Dave, I am asking what "ACTION" you are suggesting we take to
        are cause with your last post.<<

        My suggestion would be that we start a campaign to sway McCain - and he 
        has shown he can be swayed - to a more liberty-oriented perspective. 
        Not by ranting and cursing at him like some of the more maniacal Paul 
        supporters, but by outlining and promoting a moderate libertarian agenda 
        which would fit with his existing beliefs yet fall on the pro-liberty 
        side of the spectrum of positions which he has taken. 

        Perhaps we need some sort of plan for the future to promote at the 
        national convention which will appeal to mainstream Republicans who 
        still have a fondness for liberty and win some of them over to our 
        cause. Nothing too radical, but a strong nudge in the right direction - 
        emphasizing along the way the liberty tradition of the party and staying 
        away from the nutty stuff.

        When the Neocons started out they produced a document like this. A 
        clear statement of their intent for the future of the party, and it won 
        over a lot of people.

        We need to convince McCain that he can be the guy to bring back the 
        liberty values of the GOP and that this could be his great legacy. Sell 
        him on it and we win.





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