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The Fight for a Fair and Legal State Convention in Houston, TX

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  • rlcmcallen
    Please take the time to read the following and respond if you can. The need is urgent and IMMEDIATE. They need $4000 by tomorrow PM, and at present only have
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2008
      Please take the time to read the following and respond if you can. The
      need is urgent and IMMEDIATE. They need $4000 by tomorrow PM, and at
      present only have about 1/4 of the amount. The money is to bring legal
      action against the State Party to force them to agree to follow the
      law at the convention in Houston. I am sending her a contribution and
      urge you all to do the same.

      They need to know that you are sending a contribution, so email them
      at dmedina@... after you send your check.

      The following is forwarded from Deborah Medina, Republican Party
      Chairman, Wharton County, TX:

      Despite three weeks of negotiating with the Texas Republican Party,
      they are refusing to sign an agreement to follow the law at the state
      convention. Specifically to hold the election of the permanent
      convention chair and seating of the permanent roll before conducting
      any official convention business. This is simple and basic protocol,
      is followed at both precinct and county conventions and is laid out in
      the Texas Election Code.

      Gary Polland has requested a media campaign as well as an additional
      $4000 to take the case to court. I am emailing others around the
      state to attempt to raise these additional funds. Please let me know
      if you are able/willing to contribute specifically for this purpose
      and/or if you have any questions or concerns. Mail checks to Wharton
      Co. Republican Party PO Box 831 Wharton Tx 77488 (memo legal fees)

      I expect that we will begin to see information in the state and
      perhaps national media on Tuesday.

      Incidentally, one of the first state convention actions is a meeting
      by the "officials" committee (a sub-committee of the SREC staffed by
      the state party chair, vice chair, treasurer, national committeewoman,
      national committeeman, and three SREC members). The purpose of this
      meeting, held Tuesday night in Austin, is to review all challenges
      submitted to the state convention, specifically, according to rule
      27b2, "without attempting to assess merit or lack of merit, conduct a
      preliminary review of each challenge in order to establish whether the
      basis for the challenge is valid under the rules". Rule 14, of
      course, stipulates that all meetings of any convention are to be open
      to delegates and alternates.

      Despite sending a written professional parliamentary opinion and
      giving advance notice that guests planned to attend this meeting in
      Austin, delegates from Travis, Tarrant, Dallas, Nueces, Hays, San
      Patricio, Brazos and Robertson Counties were not allowed to attend the
      meeting. The committee met behind closed doors, and behind closed
      doors apparently voted to meet in Executive Session (and sent the
      state party legal counsel outside to so advise the waiting delegates).
      They waited patiently in the RPT lobby for the duration of the
      meeting. Most members of the committee entered and exited the offices
      through a back door so the delegates are unaware as to even which
      committee members were actually in attendance at the meeting and no
      official results have yet been received. This too will result in the
      filing of another challenge to be resolved by the delegates at the
      state convention.

      I shared with one embattled delegate today that we are to encourage
      one another as we are toiling sweat, tears, emotion, time and energy
      but failing to protect these fundamental rights to free speech, to the
      freedom of assembly will result in our children shedding blood to
      regain a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

      Your prayers, support (and any financial contribution) are greatly

      I'd like to encourage you to visit www.fairconvention.org/new for
      information about the upcoming Texas Republican State Convention.
      While most of us will assert that we understand and agree that we
      should abide by the law and follow the rules, many are unaware of the
      degree that we've failed to do that within our own party.

      My hope is that you will study the issues presented here and will join
      with other patriots around the state in their efforts to restore the
      rule of law and to pursue the free and open debate necessary to
      charting the wisest course for our future. It is only through an open
      deliberative assembly, one that is courageous enough to listen to both
      the majority and the minority opinion, that we are likely to set a
      course that will restore our nation.

      Please be sure to share this with others you know who will be
      attending the state convention so that they too will have an
      opportunity to study these issues and participate in the debate.

      For Liberty,
      Debra Medina
      Wharton Co. Republican Party
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