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Re: [RLC-Action] Re: GOP Convention Booth

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  • W. Guy Finley
    I never meant to imply that folks should abandon doing things at their state convention. I certainly think working in your state is very much grass roots and
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      I never meant to imply that folks should abandon doing things at their state convention.  I certainly think working in your state is very much grass roots and I'm sure in many states that would be a great idea.  We were talking about the RNC though and that is a whole other ballgame.


      On May 15, 2008, at 8:28 PM, michael franks wrote:

      Actually, the Texas State Convention has given us quite a bit of success.  We raised our visibility, and started hosting an event one night at the convention that was WELL attending by droves.
      I started the first one with the "concept" that it would work back in 2002 I believe it was at our state convention in Dallas.  I had a suite, and it hit me that we could use it to do a "reception".  IT WORKED!!!  the room was packed to the point we had to have an aditional time slot right after to fit in the overflow crowd.
      Exposure, marketing and promotion works.

      Of cousre that's a state convention and not a national convention. So a different focus.
      Michael Franks


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      From: wgfinley@rlcil. org
      Date: Wed, 14 May 2008 20:03:07 -0500
      Subject: Re: [RLC-Action] Re: GOP Convention Booth

      I've been biting my tongue on this for a while folks, I didn't want to 
      rain on any parades. But into each life some rain must fall so let me 
      give it to you straight.

      This is the GOP convention and not the LP convention. The LP 
      convention is full of booths with "information" the GOP convention has 
      booths for vendors who pay thousands for the honor of pushing their 
      wares. This is the big leagues folks. You don't show up with $50 and 
      the "World's Shortest Political Quiz" and set up shop, it doesn't work 
      that way.

      To be honest, what outreach do you think would be done at the 
      convention? The GOP convention is all about firing up folks for the 
      election and that means generating a lot of MONEY for the party to go 
      out there and get the Dems. That's what this event is about. The 
      folks there will be dyed in the wool GOP faithful who are there to 
      (mostly) mindlessly cheer on the speakers and get geared up for 
      November. That's what the whole thing is about, that and, let's be 
      honest, getting blitzed out of your mind (for many folks anyway).

      Folks, RLC is a grass roots effort and the work for outreach is done 
      at the grass roots level. I just read somewhere that MN has two 
      members? You need to be doing the work in your local GOP clubs. Work 
      for the candidates, let people get to know you, fill them in on your 
      ideals and once they know YOU a bit more THEN start filling people in 
      on the RLC. Then people will know you are there for the PARTY and not 
      your own pet issue.

      That is how we will grow the RLC, not at conventions or mass 
      gatherings but working local GOP events, helping local candidates and 
      working your way up from there.

      Rome wasn't built in a day. Brick by brick my citizens, brick by brick.

      W. Guy Finley
      Illinois Co-Cordinator

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