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RE: [RLC-Action] Re: Republican National Convention

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  • David Baumgardner
    I agree that we need to establish a liberty oriented base. I guess it is up to us-we stalwarts-to recruit train and educate libertarian-Republicans to the
    Message 1 of 22 , May 12, 2008
      I agree that we need to establish a liberty oriented base.  I guess it is up to us-we stalwarts-to recruit train and educate libertarian-Republicans to the cause.  Lets take back our party and Nation.

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      Date: Mon, 12 May 2008 18:22:17 -0500
      Subject: Re: [RLC-Action] Re: Republican National Convention

      >>Check your state requirements. In Wisconsin, our delegates were
      chosen at the [Congressional] District Caucus. About 120 people showed
      up. Only 2 RP supporters. Eight people ran for delegate. Three were
      chosen for alternate, three for delegate, two stay home. Unaware of the
      process, I did not run for delegate, but a few RLC members from the
      various counties, I could've had a chance. <<

      I'm up on the state process. RLCMcA and I are both in Texas, where
      national delegates are chosen at the state convention. I only recently
      learned that other states do it differently.
      >>I am however, a lifelong Republican: TARs chair, YR, CR campus chair,
      Toddlers for Goldwater- county [high]chair. You get the idea... Those
      chosen are not typically wealthy, but they have been active in the
      county and state party.<<

      I've been a delegate to the district convention before and I'm active in
      local GOP groups, but I'm not some sort of 'insider' unless my notoriety
      has spread based on some of my writing.

      >> Just walking in, without supporters, and saying here I am make me a
      delegate won't work. We just can't say "You all are hacks, now step
      aside". We must join, work and build our base. Once the base is there,
      we will get elected. Grassroots to the Office.<<

      This may be what is going to cause the Ron Paul faction to lose interest
      in the process which has good and bad aspects to it. Hopefully some of
      them will stick around and become interested in the process of building
      a base with a liberty orientation.


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