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RE: [RLC-Action] Re:Draft of text for a new RLC brochure

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  • Will Pitts
    Mr. Finley, Thank you for the comments. My opinion is that one of our objectives will be to educate and inform the public regarding the principles of liberty.
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      Mr. Finley,


      Thank you for the comments. My opinion is that one of our objectives will be to educate and inform the public regarding the principles of liberty. The target audience for this brochure is the following:


      1. Candidates for elected office – State, Local and Federal.

      2. Members of Republican Executive Committee or other political activist

      3. RLC members that would like a position statement to refer to explain policy decisions.

      4. Current elected officials.


      Here in northeast Florida I would anticipate our total need for this piece of literature to be 200 – 300.




      -Will Pitts




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      Any time you're putting literature together you should think about the intended audience.  Who is it that this literature is meant for and who will it appeal to?


      I think the audience for 20 pages of in depth review of the RLC is decidedly limited to policy wonks and political junkies and even in that crowd you're going to come across people who are familiar with it.


      I think our focus within the RLC should be outreach to those within the party.  For the most part I believe that means working with your local GOP organization, earning your stripes by working on some campaigns and letting folks get to know you.  During that time you share of some of what you believe, I think a tri-fold pamphlet helps do that.  I think dropping a 20 page treatise would turn them off.


      On the other hand, maybe some of the enthusiastic Paul supporters might be attracted to something like that, they don't seem to be turned off by the mundane. ;)  Seriously though, I think having literature targeted at Paul supporters who are in a "what do I do now" state is pretty critical for us though.  Since I didn't support Paul I don't think I'd be a good person to tell you how to do that though, maybe a two page pamphlet would be attractive to them.


      W. Guy Finley




      On Mar 30, 2008, at 12:08 PM, George Blumel wrote:


      Most citizens can't or won't read more than a few paragraphs on anything half-way serious, I think our RLC-types have more depth than that. While 20 pages may be unnecessary to explain the organization and its principles and mission, a one-page flyer is just an advertisement --not an serious exposition of our purpose.  -Geo.


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      I'd suggest nothing longer than you can fit on one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper folded into thirds. Anything else and its simply going to be ignored. 



      Jason A. Burkins


      On Mar 29, 2008, at 11:00 AM, Sandy Harmon wrote:


      It's an idea worth pursuing, however I think that 20 pages is more than just a little too long.

      Sandy Harmon


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