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Re: [RLC-Action] Re: Introduction: David Stenger

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  • Michelle Murphy
    Yes, I am quite sure the founders were quite interested in religious freedom. The idea being that people would not be forced into a particular state sponsored
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 26, 2008
      Yes, I am quite sure the founders were quite interested in religious freedom.  The idea being that people would not be forced into a particular state sponsored worship.  At the same time, Christianity has always been a part of the political landscape, even then, and it flourished with this freedom.  The current definition of church and state has changed the landscape in this country quite a bit; and it has been used as an attack against religious freedom in this country, to further the causes of humanism, communism and fascism.  It has given the "state" a say so in religious matters, regulating it at every turn.  And then the media has provided us with a biased view on these matters.  I think one of the major problems is not so much that Christianity and so forth is just entering politics (it is not); it is that Christianity has been redefined and has horrible goals that are not backed up by Biblical truth.  People claiming to be Bible thumpers are also sending funds to Israel to propagate end-of-times, and support on-going violence overseas without an actual declaration of war - all based on propaganda.  This is lawlessness!  At this point, I am also noticing that somehow Christianity is taking the blame for our current situation.  As silly as the church looks on television, and with the lies being spun, and with people ignorantly supporting ideas on behalf of Jesus (without backing) I can see how.  The end goal will be an ultimate loss of freedom of worship and speech, and it will be because people demanded it!  Trickery!  As for actual Bible thumpers - the ones that actually read and obey and understand the Bible - these people will have nothing to do with the destruction of this great country.

      Michelle M.

      On Mar 26, 2008, at 5:39 PM, George Blumel wrote:

      What is your basis for the claim of Executive Orders, below. Please site same. Or, try to stick with facts in future.  Thank you, Geo.
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         Mixing politics and religion is the worst thing that could happen in our country and probably the only good thing to come out of the tax code is the prevention of same.
        The last thing we need is churches cramming their particular beliefs down people's throats in the political arena, the christian fundamentalists are what has helped to destroy the GOP but running off good people who disagree with the premise that we must all love Jesus to be good citizens.
        And if you bible thumpers disagree with the above statement, consider this:  Islam is the fastest growning religion in the world, do YOU want these people running the entire political show, including all elections?
        While you ponder the Constitution and enjoy the incredible foresight of the founding fathers, decrying those who claim it is a "living" document which can be changed on a whim, consider that you are not smarter than those founders and have no business trying to tweak it for your own religious benefit.
        But what do I know?  I'm just a lowly seminary graduate, former minister and former history teacher.
      Sandy Harmon
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