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  • John Mitchel, LtCol, USAF (Ret
    I couldn t agree more, and you are fortunate to have someone on your Executive Board who is willing to hold elected officials accountable to their oath of
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 24, 2008
      I couldn't agree more, and you are fortunate to have someone on your Executive Board who is willing to hold elected officials accountable to their oath of office, not to mention Republican principles.  We do not have that luxury in my county, so it will be up to others not in the inner circle to do that as best we can.
      Michelle Murphy <mnmurphy@...> wrote:
      I think the best thing we can do within our local GOP, if that is where we choose to participate, is to set an example and continue to stand up for those that are interested in party principles. I know we now have someone that has done this since May here, and he is now on the executive board and may become Chair with the support of all the new PCOs that are in. His main point among the central committee, is that we need to be a party that holds any candidate to the party principles and not to personal interests, etc. And we need to focus on those principles, and debate issues, etc. Concerned citizens need to be there for accountability, that is their proper role in government. The other thing, is that our two party system has rewarded for two long, parties that are not effective in doing a good job. There needs to be real competition for these groups.

      Michelle M.

      On Mar 24, 2008, at 3:11 AM, John Mitchel, LtCol, USAF ((Ret wrote:

      Maybe your county GOP Central Committee is different, but the reason many "Local orgs
      are hurting so badly" is that they are worse than clubs and churches in that they exist to
      advance the insiders who rarely remember their oath of office ten minutes after taking it. When first elected, I did all those mundane things like stuff envelopes, and set up tables at the annual picnic, things that were beneath most of the candidates. I also donated money and campaigned for the few candidates who were worth supporting, including Ron Paul, but the empty suits keep right on coming, and if you want to be a "tool" for those traitors, be my guest.

      Michelle Fire Eater <michelle@poulin. com> wrote:
      Taking the party back means that... well, guess who will get to lick the stamps and stuff the envelopes. It is those who I sent to pick up tables and help that are now in official positions in their local GOP. Think the McCain pushers are going to lick the stamps for you? Running a party is a huge amount of work.
      The Republican Party is a tool, not a church or a club. You don’t take a test to get in, just check a box. It’s the same in the GOP. Local orgs are hurting for help so badly – I can’t think of an easier way to “take back” your government than to just help. Lick an envelope, run a meeting, pick up sandwiches for the volunteers.. . next thing you know you’re a district captain, and all your envelope lickers are RLC members. Easy peasy.
      Or, you can act like a mole then do the same thing to them that they did to you. Your call. Just use the tool right when you get it back and I’ll have no complaints.
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      I respectfully disagree with:
      "At that point, the only oath you should have to take is to the USA and to the Republican Party at the most, not to a candidate!"
      In my opinion, the first part about taking an oath to the USA is fine if it is done in the context of the Constitution, but to the Republican Party - never! But you're spot on about not supporting a Republican candidate just because they're a Republican. I am a member of the Greene County, Ohio Republican Central Committee, and I didn't run for that office twice to stuff envelopes, lick stamps and put up tables at the annual picnic, although that's what the insiders expect. I'm there to take our government back for future generations, and in Greene County Ohio, that's a tall order, but I'm looking forward to the journey. I'm also looking forward to keeping my RLC friends in the loop.
      John Mitchel

      dave <uzogood2000@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      I am unfamiliar with rules within your county, but in Broward, committee members are elected or appointed at the discretion of the committee during non-election periods. Instead of battling, why not run? At that point, the only oath you should have to take is to the USA and to the Republican Party at the most, not to a candidate! This sounds too conspiracy theory. One would think that our party would invite more members instead of throw them to the wayside. Do you have names of these individuals that were asking for appointment and contacts at the Pasco committee that we can write? This would be a great help.
      There is no reason to get up at arms unless you have names and contacts. In the end, we all need to take it to the election, and in the end we will win.
      David Stenger - Fort Lauderdale
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      From: John Conway <citizenconway1010@ yahoo.com>
      To: RLC-Action@yahoogro ups.com
      Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2008 11:43:58 AM
      Subject: [RLC-Action] Battle lines
      Sarasota Fla REC has closed its doors to any new members. In Pasco Fl. new members were initiated. After the initiation they had to swear an oath that they would vote for McCain. After the oath was given, copies of E-Mails were produced showing that three new members were Ron Paul supporters. They were thrown out.
      The NEOCONS have drawn the battle lines. The last time I checked (1992) the Republican and Democratic Parties were given twelve million dollars each from the U.S. Treasury for their conventions. If they claim they are a private club, then they can practice exclusion. If they take that tax payer money, then they cannot. Where are our attorneys when we need them. Look, these people communicate effectively. We either step up our efforts, or nip this merde in the bud.
      In Liberty,
      John Conway

      Republican Liberty Caucus
      "Pursuing libertarianism within the GOP since 1990"

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