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Resources for new State RLC Charters

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    RLC-Action: Chartering an RLC-Wisconsin Affiliate Posted by: David Baumgardner dpbaumgardner@hotmail.com ... An excellent and thoughtful solicitation,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2008
      RLC-Action: Chartering an RLC-Wisconsin Affiliate
      Posted by: "David Baumgardner" dpbaumgardner@...
      > I, therefore, propose that the the RLCWI form an affiliate,
      > for the purposes congruent with the national RLC ...

      An excellent and thoughtful solicitation, which is fine
      to post to the RLC-Action eGroup, but be sure to use
      the local resources available for chartering:

      1. If you are not already the Moderator of your state
      eGroup, contact Aaron or me to get "anointed", so you
      have control over posts and subscribers. See:
      This is the primary method of communicating with
      members and prospects. With a few minutes of review,
      you can invite as many new people to join as you please.

      2. If you are interested in forming an RLC Charter,
      be sure to get our Chartering Info, App, and Bylaws
      and ask Aaron or me to get you designated as the
      state Coordinator, rather than Contact. That gives you
      access to all state entries in our national database.
      Contacts do receive Monthly Updates of adds or
      edits, but not a complete quarterly listing.

      3. If you have not already received the complete
      listing of state members and prospects, drop me a
      note. Usually, I provide the state list in Excel, but
      I can convert to many other formats. If you have a
      little expertise, you should be able to integrate that
      list into the Yahoo eGroup, Outlook, or MsWord
      as a merge file.

      4. If you have that listing, the ideal method of
      activating members is a phone call. Email is very
      convenient, as are eGroups, but a personal call
      is critical to engaging active members.

      5. If you don't yet have a state website, note
      that the Yahoo eGroup main page can serve that
      purpose temporarily. Basic contact information is
      posted at XX.rlc.org, but a dedicated state domain
      RLCXX.org is recommended. [Substitute state
      initials for XX]. National purchases and maintains
      the main state URL domains, but states will need
      to get their own web hosting service. We'll point the
      domain name to any service you engage. If you need
      help, don't hesitate to ask me or our Webmaster,
      Steve Redlich.

      6. The organizational and legal formalities may
      be a burden, but they're designed to ensure that
      state Charters don't misrepresent the RLC or get
      diverted to other purposes. There is no National
      RLC Police Force, so we're only looking for basic
      assurances that states will comply with their own
      Bylaws. National doesn't "look over your shoulder"
      and dictate activities, projects, or endorsements
      [except federal offices], so it's up to you to make
      the state organization effective and vibrant.

      The RLC is a grassroots organization. We are
      not "top-down" controlled. The National Board is
      just a dozen volunteers, willing to help you make
      the most of your own local efforts. We hope to
      become more effective in offering that help and
      expanding resources, but that will take time
      and enthusiastic volunteers for national projects.
      If you're interested in National office, just contact
      one of the Board members and try to attend the
      next National Convention.


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