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...just found...old photos of the RLC from the 1990s

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  • Alan Turin
    Eric Dondero wrote:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2007
      Eric Dondero <ericdondero@...> wrote:
       <<And for all those naysayers who continually try to claim that I didn't found the RLC, plenty, plenty, plenty evidence to the contrary, including the very first letter I sent out announcing the groups' formation.
      Oh, and a bunch of letters going back and forth with Justin Raimondo and Eric Garris about the RLC versus LROC.  Raimondo even says at one point, "Eric Rittberg, the Founder of his one-man show Republican Liberty Caucus...">>
       Kudos to brother Dondero for acknowledging that if Justin Raimondo and Eric Garris say it, you know it's true.

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      Eric Dondero is a US Navy Veteran, former Libertarian Party National Committeeman, Founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus and fmr. Senior Aide to US Congressman Ron Paul R-TX.  He is now a national Republican Political Consultant based in Houston, Texas.

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