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Re: Ron Paul Earmarks

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  • westmiller@aol.com
    From: steven s. ... There is almost NEVER a vote on earmarks , unless Jeff Flake finds one that really bothers him. Congress appropriates $xxx billion for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2007
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      From: steven s. 
      > Are you saying he votes AGAINST his own earmarks?
          There is almost NEVER a vote "on earmarks", unless
      Jeff Flake finds one that really bothers him.
          Congress appropriates $xxx billion for the highway
      system. Earmarks are just *allocation directives* for
      that money. IF there were NO earmarks, the money
      would still be spent ... but allocated by a "less than
      transparent" executive department.
          Individual congress-critters forward earmarks from
      constitutents to the Chairman of the Appropriations
      Committee, who tags (almost) all of them to the
      relevant spending bill ... usually AFTER the bill has
      passes Conference Committee (ie: both houses
      have approved the $xxx billion). Rarely does anyone
      review or make a motion for or against any of the
      earmarks in the bill (probably, pages 234-287 of the
      actual legislation).
          Now, if the appropriation is for highways and
      Ron believes that isn't in the constitution (under
      post roads??), then he votes against the $xxx
      billion spending bill ... even though it may include
      dozens of "earmark requests" from his own
      constituents. Of course, Ron may also vote
      against a constitutional allocation, simply on
      the basis that it is excessive or unnecessary.
          Therefore, he doesn't "vote against his own
      earmarks" ... which is almost never a question
      on the floor of either chamber. He votes against
      the total appropriation for some general purpose.

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