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Re: [RLC-Action] RLC Sig Line for Ron Paul supporters

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  • Barry Moore
    Hey y all, Fred Thompson is wavering like quixotic drunk. I don t think he ll be joining the fray. He s not raising the money he expected to. I think an
    Message 1 of 14 , Aug 15, 2007
      Hey y'all,
      Fred Thompson is wavering like quixotic drunk. I don't think he'll be joining the fray. He's not raising the money he expected to.
      I think an endorsement for Dr. Paul now is probably a good thing.
      Bear this in mind: if you want some additional exposure for RLC, now is the time to be "exposed". I truly believe we can absorb a great deal of new membership if the youth that currently support Dr. Paul see us as his ally. This can ALSO allow us to build on the future by both giving the new blood a baseline as well as training for future candidates and supporters.
      I'm not gonna wait on Fred "I'm not the President, but I play one on TV" Thompson.
      My 2 cents,
      Barry L. Moore
      The "Republic" of Texas

      Philip Blumel <pblumel@...> wrote:
      Doug, it's frustrating, but please don't sweat it.

      I just received a request from the Miami Ron Paul Meetup for 50 RLC
      brochures to distribute at the next Meetup there. I personally bring
      them to the Palm Beach and Broward (Fort Lauderdale area) Meetups. I
      also now sign all my Ron email with an RLC sig and we even have Ron-
      oriented stories on our state website.

      We don't need an endorsement to market the RLC to the Ron Paul
      brigades. Seeing us in the trenches with them is the most effective
      endorsement we have to offer.


      --- In RLC-Action@yahoogro ups.com, DGHarrison <DGHarrison@ ...> wrote:
      > But, I won't be signing any Ron Paul advocacy with my RLC
      title ...
      > at least until there's an official RLC endorsement. I suspect
      > is not likely until later in the year, when the field "shakes
      > and people have a better feel for "viability and
      credibility" . -- Bill
      > And, talking about "viability and credibility, " I still think it's
      > mistake not to endorse Ron Paul right now. What the heck good is
      > endorsing anyone after he's lost the nomination for GOP
      > Candidate? If Ron Paul was a shoo-in, he wouldn't need our
      > I have to wonder about the RLC's "viability and credibility" if
      > just waiting for a sure winner to endorse. But that's just me. I
      guess I
      > don't understand the endorsement process.
      > Unfortunately, I don't think the Minnesota ExCom will come
      together to
      > endorse Ron Paul anyway. I don't know what's up with them, but the
      > time I discussed it with them, I got a pretty cold shoulder on
      > Paul. I really don't see any other candidate to pin our hopes on,
      > whatever they're thinking is mind boggling to me.
      > Doug Harrison
      > Minnesota
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