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Ron Paul on Free Market News Radio, Thursday, 2PM EST

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  • Joe Liberty
    Presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) will appear on Free Market News Network s Wake Up with Pat Gorman Internet-based live radio program
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2007
      Presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex) will appear on Free Market News Network's "Wake Up with Pat Gorman" Internet-based "live" radio program on Thursday, May 31. Questions and comments from viewers via phone and email will be accepted.

      Ron Paul’s message of free markets and small government has been lighting up the Internet. He has won poll after poll, even though the mainstream media have yet to recognize him as a serious candidate, let alone a front runner.

      “We are pleased that Ron Paul has taken time out of his busy schedule to appear on FMNN’s new program, Wake Up America, with Pat Gorman,” said CEO Donald J.(Jim) MacKenzie. “Dr. Paul is an FMNN commentator and his message naturally compliments the coverage that FMNN gives to the development and success of free markets around the world.”

      Wake Up America airs at 2PM EST, and listeners can gain access to it via a real-time portal at FreeMarketNews.com. Programs are archived as well. The program regularly features guests with skills pertinent to areas of "personal responsibility," - along with free-market news and information provided by FMNN reporters and commentators.

      FMNN: Free-Market News Network, Corp. offers socio-political, economic and investment coverage from a free-market viewpoint with a global reach.

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