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LP Leader Supports Ron Paul's Campaign

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  • Guy McLendon
    Dear RLC Friends & libertarians, Please read Wes Benedict s letter below. In addition to Wes s financial support, Harris County LP plans to provide periodic
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2007
      Dear RLC Friends & libertarians,

      Please read Wes Benedict's letter below. In addition to Wes's financial
      support, Harris County LP plans to provide periodic Ron 4 Prez campaign
      updates in our newsletter Gulf Coast Liberty; Yvonne Kelly has the lead on
      providing those articles. Ron's picture is on the cover of our May 2007
      issue ... downloadable at our lptexas.org website; see link below.

      I'd like to express my personal gratitude to RLC Harris County Director Dick
      Mills for block walking for our non-partisan candidate for city council of
      Missouri City - Kevin Tunstall. Such assistance is a great way to build


      Kevin's Election Day showdown ... against an opponent who will support the
      corrupt Establishment ... is this coming May 12th.

      We are seeking additional volunteers to block walk this weekend, and to work
      polls on Election Day. Location, schedule & contact info is here:


      Contact Emma Lee Logan 281-261-0118 if you can block walk for Kevin this
      weekend, or help on Election Day.

      Best regards,

      Guy McLendon
      Chair Harris County Libertarian Party
      Houston, Texas

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      Wes Benedict
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      Subject: [TexLtd] My $600 Says Ron Paul good for Libertarian Party

      Thursday, May 03, 2007

      My $600 says the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign benefits the Libertarian

      On February 25, 2007, I contributed $600 to Ron Paul's campaign for
      president. Proof (see Robert Benedict
      ). Ron Paul, as you probably know, is the District 14 Republican congressman
      from Texas seeking the Republican Party's nomination for president. Ron Paul
      is a Life Member of the Libertarian Party and was the Libertarian Party's
      nominee for president in 1988.

      Many Libertarian Party members know and respect Ron Paul. I personally think
      he is the best current member of Congress and there are no close seconds.
      His nickname is "Dr. No" in political circles for his record of voting
      against all legislation that isn't specifically authorized by the
      Constitution. (You'd think all congressmen ought to meet that standard, but
      that's a separate topic.)

      I have great respect for Ron Paul's uncompromising opposition
      <http://www.antiwar.com/paul/?articleid=10862> to the Iraq War:

      Many people have contacted me asking various questions about the effects of
      Ron Paul's campaign on the Libertarian Party and its potential nominee for
      president. Some of these people have been outright hostile. Picture someone
      walking up to me with their fist clenched and arm cocked in a ready-to-punch
      position demanding, "You Libertarians aren't going to run someone against
      Ron Paul, are you!?" (That hasn't actually happened, but that's the tone of
      some of the e-mails I've received.)

      My first response is, "I've contributed $600 to Ron Paul's campaign--what
      have you done?" That's usually enough to diffuse the tension.

      My next response is, "Thanks to election law, there's no need for this to be
      a conflict between Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party. It's very likely the
      Republican nominee for President will be certain by March of 2008 because so
      many of the state Republican primaries will have occurred by then. The
      Libertarian Party nominating convention isn't until May of 2008. If
      Republicans nominate Ron Paul for President, I expect Libertarians to defect
      in droves. However, Paul is a long shot for the Republican nomination. For
      that reason, Libertarians need to continue preparing to have a candidate for

      Finally, picture me with my fist clenched, my arm cocked in a ready-to-punch
      position and demanding, "If McCain or Giuliani gets the Republican
      nomination, you're going to support the Libertarian Party presidential
      candidate, aren't you!?"

      Here's some additional information specifically for Texans, although some of
      the concepts apply to many other states as well.

      Read the rest here:


      Wes Benedict
      Executive Director
      Libertarian Party of Texas
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