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RonPaulStore.com has been launched Nationwide sign/materials effort has begun!!!

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  • michael franks
    The website is a work in progress, but the official unofficial Ron Paul campaign materials project has been launched!!! www.ronpaulstore.com We will update
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 14, 2007
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      The website is a work in progress, but the official "unofficial" Ron Paul campaign materials project has been launched!!!    www.ronpaulstore.com

      We will update and fix and refine as we go along.     Signs and bumper stickers are printed and going out and about.     (I personally have logo design #3 on my truck and sign in my yard)

      I organized, coordinated, and printed the Bush/Cheney signs for all of the home state of the President back in 2000 and in 2004.  We have handled the Lt. Gov. of Texas, Texas State Comptroller, Texas Rail Road commissioner, numerous Congressional races and 7 governors races across the nation. We are very experienced in being able to coordinate this NOT just from a "printing" capacity, but also KNOWING the "political dynamic" and MAKING this happen for Ron Paul materials to be disbursed all across the nation!!!  

      This is a daunting process to "manage" something of this magnitude, but my 15,000 sq. foot print shop in Huntsville, TX will be the "hub" for this nationwide effort!!!!

      We will be going up and out with big 4x8 signs too NATIONWIDE!!!!  This takes a bit more work and will discuss the "plan" next week.  This is where having and building a "network" like I did in Texas will be critical and essential. (as you canNOT just ship a 4x8 on a UPS truck due to size) But virtually we WILL be getting large 4x8 signs up all across the nation.

      Until we get the "store" up and going to be able to process Ron Paul orders online, I would ask please shoot us back any correspondence via email and keep our incoming calls/Ron Paul orders down to serious inquiry or questions.     (i.e. please don't tie up our lines just wanting to "chit chat" about the campaign haha)

      Michael Franks
      Owner- Texas GOP Store (.com)

      Former Texas State Republican Executive Committee

      Texas CD14 National Delegate-NYC 2004 (represented Ron's district) 

      A former Campaign chairman and surrogate speaker for Congressman Ron Paul

      Former Political Director- Texas RLC





    • rlcmcallen
      It would help if you would post prices.
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 14, 2007
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        It would help if you would post prices.
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