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just an FYI on Texas goings on. (Patterson is the Texas RLC Chairman!!!!)

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  • michael franks
    BIG SUPPORT IN TEXAS FOR FRED THOMPSON Lone Star State Officials Urge Thompson to Run for President For Immediate Release Contact: Dean Rice March 29, 2007
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      Lone Star State Officials Urge Thompson to Run for President


      For Immediate Release                                                             Contact:  Dean Rice

      March 29, 2007                                                                                           865-357-7075


      (Knoxville, TN) ��� The campaign to draft former United States Senator Fred Thompson received a big boost today when it was joined by three prominent statewide officials in Texas.


      Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, Texas Railroad Commissioner Victor Carrillo, and National Committeewoman Denise McNamara all have voiced their strong support for a Thompson candidacy.


      Patterson, a retired Marine Corps Reserve Lieutenant Colonel and Viet Nam combat veteran, who as Land Commissioner has earned a reputation as a powerhouse in Texas conservative grassroots politics, said Thompson has what it takes to win in Texas and America.


      ���We believe Fred Thompson should run,��� said Patterson.  ���His ability to communicate is reminiscent of Ronald Reagan.  His record as a U.S. Senator makes him a known quantity to voters, and his entry into the race will add excitement and motivate the conservative base.���


      ���I���m impressed by what I see and hear about Senator Thompson,��� said Carrillo who received almost four million votes in his 2004 statewide election.  ���He is pro-life, supports traditional marriage, is a defender of the 2nd Amendment, and believes in a strong national defense.���


      McNamara, a leader in conservative Texas grassroots politics, called Thompson ���the one American best qualified to bring our country together in a difficult and perilous time.��� She added that, ���His integrity and character reflect the very best in public service.���


      While not a declared a candidate, Thompson has been performing well in a number of national polls.  A recent USA Today/Gallup poll shows Thompson in a strong third place, behind former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Senator John McCain, but well ahead of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.


      ���The support Senator Thompson received today from Texas demonstrates the kind of appeal Fred has across America,��� said Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr., co-chairman of the Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee.  ���The recent poll numbers show a thirst by the American people for a real leader.  Fred Thompson is that person, someone who can bring Americans together through solid and principled leadership.���


      The Draft Fred Thompson 2008 website www.Fred08.com has additional information regarding the draft effort.

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