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Re: [RLCHouston] Don Zimmerman on phone calls

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  • rlcmcallen
    Whatsamatta? Sign business a little slow? You sound frustrated Michael. Why don t you make up some cool Ron Paul signs and sell them. Bumper stickers too.
    Message 1 of 30 , Mar 23, 2007
      Whatsamatta? Sign business a little slow? You sound frustrated Michael.

      Why don't you make up some cool Ron Paul signs and sell them. Bumper
      stickers too. Others are getting outragous prices for these on web
      stores. Surely you could sell them for much less and actually get
      quantities out and make some money.

      As far as the campaign goes, I really don't think Ron is less
      sophisticated about that than either you or I are, do you?

      --- In RLC-Action@yahoogroups.com, "michael franks"
      <michaelafranks@...> wrote:
      > No, thats what "should" happen, but is not. They are not set up to
      run a
      > presidential level race right now and do not near have the staff or
      > infrastructure in place at all. I have tried a few times to
      contact them
      > to no avail. I do not understand their lack of concern or even
      > understanding that they are not where they need to be. In my phone
      > today, when I called to get through to Kent or to talk about some
      > all I got in response was "so, your calling to voice your complaint
      to Kent
      > right"? i said no, im calling to talk to Kent and that there is a
      > lack of organization in place or people in place to organize
      everyone. I
      > got in response to that "Well, Ron just announced so we are in the
      > stages." again...totally CLUELESS of how a campaign needs to be
      run and
      > put together, and clueless that they are not where the need to be as
      if the
      > excuse of "well, he just announced" covers the failure of any real
      > organization. They brush it off as not being a big deal.....as if
      they are
      > in denial or something, clueless of seeing it. I have seen state rep
      > campaigns in more full out massive action right now. With media
      people, pr
      > people, PROFESSIONAL consultants managing and running the show,
      > seasoned campaign warriors putting together strategy, with ALREADY a
      plan in
      > place for campaign organization etc. Who is in charge of campaign
      > WHERE are the campaign coordinators or any "skeleton" of a volunteer
      > heirarchy in place?
      > I, on my own can and will anyway organize a NATIONWIDE effort using
      some of
      > my skills and expertise in some areas that Im good at. You think I
      > get a call or to talk with anyone to do it with the campaign?
      no...so will
      > all have to be done on my own apparantely.
      > So Dave, they dont have a clue what they are doing yet, and do not
      have the
      > resemblence of a campaign staff to even tell anyone what to do right
      now in
      > any REAL form or fashion. I have never seen anything like it at all.
      > mentioned, ive seen MANY state REP races more organized, AGRESSIVE,
      > that "eye of the tiger" critical time is of the essence type attitude.
      > Questions to ask, Where is Ron's long time and main consultant, Mark
      > Where and why isn't Ron's chief of Staff Tom Lizzardo, with WORLDS of
      > "campaign" experience in charge and running this up the flag pole
      right now?
      > What is Ron doing, and what is he waiting on? He is showing
      up at
      > things sure, but where is his enterouge? Does he even have a banner or
      > sign? Where was their "big apperance" at the CPAC thing?
      > He MUST get a professional campaign person running the show. Right
      now he
      > needs NAME ID and MEDIA/PR coverage. WHO is doing that that is
      credible to
      > "KNOW" what to do and who can "make it happen?
      > My gosh...WHY wont they use the "Taxpayers best friend" as their
      > Something that DEFINES Ron and will "market" to the masses that want
      > restraint and for SOMEONE to "watch their $$" "Hope for America" is
      > cheesy and namby pamby. The old pic on the front of the website
      of Ron in
      > his military unifrom is nice..but hardly what you want on the front
      page of
      > what the heck your candidate even looks like!!!! Id change it and
      > some things. My website was done in ONE WEEK, not over a MONTH (some
      > aspects are down, but still for refernece.... www.michaelfranks.org)
      > I would change the strategy..in fact...heck..what even IS their
      > When Ron announced..where was the fan fare? What did they do
      that could
      > have gotten media attention? Did he even have a SIGN or BANNER
      behind him
      > or his "logo" whatever that even is? Again..my GOSH ive seen
      simple state
      > rep campaigns more ready to go and "together" and "with it" than
      this is.
      > He is running to LEAD THIS NATION!!!! IF he cant even put
      together a good
      > campaign staff, how can he lead the nation?
      > I would have had him do his announcement from the Reagan library,
      using old
      > quotes FROM Reagan himself and HUGE old pics of Ron and Reagan blown
      > Ron CLAIM the "Reagan legacy" in this race.
      > WHAT THE HELL ARE YALL GUYS DOING RON?!!!!!!! Get someone in who
      has a
      > "nack" for marketing, promotion, pr, and campaign strategy. You do
      NOT have
      > this now. SNAP it together, realize this, and get someone in who can
      > "create" and his a "mind" for this and lets go man!!!
      > He would have had NATIONAL attention and coverage had they done
      that. and
      > thats just one thing off the top of my head with LITTLE thot behind
      > Good lord....put ME in control of "strategy" and we'd be further along.
      > (now watch them take some of my ideas now..hahaha) How DIFFICULT
      is this
      > to know how to "pitch" Ron? they are clueless with no real
      > strategy....and are missing HUGE things right now
      > Michael
      > Texas CD#14
      > A former Campaign Chairman Ron Paul
      > Former Surrogate speaker for Ron Paul
      > Former Texas State Republican Executive Committee SD18
      > Former State Rep candidate HD28 www.michaelfranks.org
      > Printer, organizer, and coordinator of the Statewide sign and
      materials for
      > the HOME STATE of the President 2000 and 2004,
      > Organizer of the GOTV effort and the "image" of the entire Texas
      > Amendment www.vote4marriage.com
      > Its like HELLO!!!!!! is anyone home running Ron Paul's campaign?
      Im hardly
      > some "yeahoo" or "unknown" calling up there to chit chat or waste
      > time....
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      > >Why can't we RLC members call the Paul campaign and volunteer to make
      > >phonecalls for them? If they're a serious campaign they ought to be
      > >able to figure out who we should call and put us to work? Right?
      > >
      > >Dave
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