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  • Gary Coplin-yahoo
    1. Contribute to the campaign 1a. Volunteer time at the office (I understand you re nearby); 1b. Provide the campaign with information (since you prefer the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2007
          1. Contribute to the campaign
              1a. Volunteer time at the  office (I understand you're
              1b. Provide the campaign  with information (since
              you prefer the phone, keep  tabs on independent
              internet efforts and report  to Yvonne or Penny);
              1c. Decide what you enjoy  doing and offer to do
              it as a volunteer (it could  be something simple
              or something where you have  expertise);
          2. Promote Ron Paul's candidacy
              2a. You can  spend every day visiting political
              blogs and posting comments  on articles, with
              links to Ron Paul's  website;
              2b. Find local GOP events,  print out some of
              Ron's speeches or articles  and distribute them
              to party activists and  officers;
              2c. Become an "expert"  on one of Ron Paul's
              main issues and offer  to make a presentation
              at local civil and  charitable clubs;
          3. Build visibility for Ron's liberty ideals
              3a. Get a list of GOP  officers in your district,
              call them and urge them to  consider endorsing;
              3b. Write letters to  the editor on *any* topic
              and explain why liberty  ideals apply and how
              Ron Paul will apply  them;
              3c. Use whatever local  resources you can find
              to get people together for  meetings on local
              activism (rlc.meetup.com is  a place to start)
          Within each of these are dozens of specific  projects
      that will "contribute" to the campaign.
          However, you'll need to take a different  perspective
      on your involvement: don't order other people around -
      *entice them* to exercise their own rights and speak
      out or "contribute" to the effort. MOTIVATE first, then
      command by offering opportunities.
      Bill Westmiller

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