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Getting Media coverage of Ron Paul Posters at Austin anti-NAIS anti-TCC, pro-sovereignty Rally

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  • Grant Rostig
    Hi All, Ron Paul staff person, Penny, gave a speech at this march and rally. See pictures 4 and 6 here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2007
      Hi All,

      Ron Paul staff person, Penny,  gave a speech at this march and rally.

      See pictures 4 and 6 here:

      and related story here:

      See video here by clicking on "play" button:

      Here is an example of what you can do to get the word out.  I re-used old political signs and placed a new message on them.  I printed out large words from my computer and scotch taped them to the plastic signs.  They were double sided for maximum effect.  Two signs were stapled on both sides of one 1" x 2" sanded wood stake sign post (from the hardware store).

      I brought two signs to the rally and lent one to a guy.  This doubled the effectiveness.  I'm  the one with the old fashioned cowboy hat in a gray suit and tie, the other guy is also wearing a more modern hat.  A photo attached below but it may not transmit in yahoo.

      NAIS = National Animal Identification System
      TTC = Trans TX Corridor from Mexico to Canada. (related to SPP and CAFTA, NAFTA, NAU {North American Union})

      In Liberty
      Grant Rostig
      grant4congress.com - prior life...
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