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Re: [RLC-Action] Purpose of this eGroup

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  • bill Jambura
    RE: The eGroup s purpose is to discuss activism within the GOP in pursuit of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise. There may be
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 14, 2004
      RE:  "The eGroup's purpose is to "discuss activism within the GOP in pursuit of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise."  There may be grounds for discussing foreign policy as one aspect of
      "limited government", but it should relate to some *activism within the GOP*, not general issues discussion."

      My original e-mail entitled "Constitution" focused on:


      "Activism within the GOP in pursuit of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise";


      where globalization (under the guise of free enterprise) and high sounding Wars were used to erode our Constitutional protections.  Whether it was an artful deflection or an evolution of thought, the series of e-mails that followed eventually drifted off point. 


      But I don’t know how you develop a platform, promote activism or promote candidates without considering what is happening to us and around us.  Without connecting the dots, we'll never see our overall deterioration into totalitarianism under a series of noble callings. 


      Going to war without a clear declaration from Congress is chilling.  The consequences to our domestic economy and liberties are lessons that will never be learned until they are first acknowledged.  Activism in the absence of understanding these consequences is simply activity without a purpose; and without a purpose, it’s aimless.


      The original e-mail below was offered so that the eGroup might fulfill its purpose to "discuss activism within the GOP in pursuit of individual rights", thereby developing a line item within the platform. 


      Many transgressions against our civil liberties and our Constitution have occurred in previous years.  If I error in pointing them out with examples in the series of e-mails that followed, it was because it was never clear whether we were to pursue our lost rights or those yet to be lost


      Please review my original e-mail titled: Constitution.

      bill Jambura <jambura@...> wrote:


      Since every reason for invading Iraq fell short of the truth, the White House now offers its Domino Theory of Democracy.  Its a corollary to the Domino Theory of Communism that panicked America during the last half century into sacrificing many of our freedoms and liberties once enshrined in our Constitution. Now we are told to sacrifice whats left of our privacy (via the Patriot Act and 911 Act) to further a slapdash crusade for Iraqi democracy.  


      In the balance are the costs and benefits of invading a sovereign nation on false pretenses and having our soldiers caught in the crossfire of a civil war where friend and foe look alike.  Yes the world is better off without Saddam, but its also much, much worse off with Iraq in a state of anarchy and breeding diehard zealots and angry martyrs faster than we can kill them.  But thats what happens when Machiavellian politics backfires upon those that profit thereby.


      While this impugns our career politicians, it does not diminish the military. Its our elected officials job to define the enemy.  Its the militarys job to kill it when directed to do so.  Its a shame that our politicians are so careless with Americas blood and treasure; but its their shame and in no way diminishes the honor and bravery of those who fight and die in good faith defending our flag.


      Bill Jambura

      Major, USAF, retired

      Colorado Springs, CO

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